PCX Files

  donmar 15:35 30 Jul 2003

Have appeared in aol download but nothing opens them.Any ideas anyone.Don

  Bebee 15:40 30 Jul 2003

Aren't they a graphics file? Try Paint.

  donmar 15:50 30 Jul 2003

Thanks Bebee.Hve tried paint.No good.Don

  siouxah1 16:15 30 Jul 2003


have had a look and find that they are Zsoft Paintbrush files.

Should be able to open them with Paintshop pRO7, uUlead Iphoto plus 4, Serif Photoplus 8.

If you do not have any of the above try Serif photoPlus5 which is free from their site. Or Irfanview which is another free prog.

There are probably many more.

Regards Brian j

  siouxah1 16:58 30 Jul 2003


try here for Irfanview free download.

click here

  woodchip 17:59 30 Jul 2003

They are graphics as JPG, you need a good program to look at them as PhotoShop, or Quick View Plus, Corel Draw

  donmar 18:49 30 Jul 2003

Thank you all.Downloaded Infranview and it works fine but I still can't open the images. How do you do that? Don

  woodchip 19:56 30 Jul 2003

you should be able to double click on file and choose the above software or browse to it

  siouxah1 20:20 30 Jul 2003

If you go to Irfanview and select FILE - OPEN a box will appear.

Go to 'files of type' towards the bottom.

Select little down arrow and window will open.

go down list untill PCX/DCX appears. Select this choice and all files of that type should appear in window. Select file and open.

The PCX/DCX is next below PCD.

Hope you succeed. I do not have PCX file so cannot confirm that it works. Belay that, have just made one and it works OK.

Regrads Brian j

  donmar 21:47 30 Jul 2003

siouxah1.Thanks and thank you to everyone. WhenI click on open I get a list of the three files again. when I select one and click open, up pops the infranview of the little i/f menu again. Then whatever I do it all goes round again. The only thing that I ever see is a tiny picture of a bears head whatever of the three files I click on. I did click on the PCX FILE option but it got the same result. Thease files first appeared in AOL Download Manager and I have no idea what they are.Don

  woodchip 22:02 30 Jul 2003


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