pcworld backup dvd

  sunnystaines 13:37 10 Jun 2011

get mixed info from pcworld. last week one store helper said you cannot upgade the ram to 2gb on the samsung nf110 on pcworld sold netbooks they are not compatable with 2gb of RAM, today i was told you can and that it will have the latest bios update.

but if we want factory settings dvd backup it will cost an extra £30-£40 is he ripping me off, do samsung not come with backup dvd?

  sunnystaines 15:30 12 Jun 2011


amazon works out expensive looks like i might have to bite the bullet and go to pc world. tried tottenham ct rd years ago prices down there used to be the best for electrical goods now they are all rip off prices.

  robin_x 16:18 12 Jun 2011

If you must.

Check Currys and PC World on-line deals first.

Sometimes you get freebies or reductions not available in store.

  sunnystaines 17:49 12 Jun 2011


by chance had just checked pcworld online two mins prior to reading your post it was the same price £229, maplins on line with registered user vouchers is £230.

these seem the best two deals i can find unless someone here knows a better source.

  sunnystaines 16:39 14 Jun 2011

bought the nf110 came with a basck up factory setting cd

  woodchip 16:57 14 Jun 2011

You will not be disappointed

  woodchip 16:58 14 Jun 2011

PS forgot, do not forget you need a External CDRW drive I got one from a Computer Fair about £35 for a slim one

  sunnystaines 10:02 15 Jun 2011


bought from pcworld who said its 64bit, i cannot believe this as it would be too much of a drain on 1gb of RAM.

Where could i check if its 32 or 64 bit set up.

surfing is fast but everything else slow any tips on improving netbooks, samsung said avoid upping the ram to 2gb as they being getting a lot of random sieze ups on ram upgrades.

  canarieslover 10:33 15 Jun 2011

If you have Win 7 starter on it then that is only available as a 32 bit OS. Again lack of knowledge at PC World. As for making it faster just remove anything that you are not going to use. Go through start-up with a fine tooth comb so that you don't have anything running in the background that you don't need, manufacturer supplied utilities are notorious for that. Don't have multiple programs running, it's only a single core processor. Don't bother with M$ Office unless you really have to. Use a light on resources AV like M$ Security Essentials, your Norton will not be a good idea on a netbook. Finally just remember why it is called a netbook. That it is really what it does best, the rest of the things that it manages to do must be considered a bonus.

  sunnystaines 10:54 15 Jun 2011

thanks when i get to the bottom of updates, will get the toothcomb out

  woodchip 10:55 15 Jun 2011

Double Click My Computer, Right Click C:\ Properties

Another place for info Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information

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