PCTV on Computer

  helpmeagain 18:39 23 Nov 2006

I used to watch TV on my PCTV card in my PC the cable went into the wall and it worked great, unforuntaly i have moved my office upstairs and can no longer plug it into the areail socket at that is downstaires.

My question is how can i get my PCTV to work upstaire without a main areial? is there another device i can use? ifso, where can i get my hands on it? as i am bored up here on my own

thank you

  rodriguez 18:43 23 Nov 2006

A portable aerial should be ok, the picture just might not be as good as it was with the main one.

  helpmeagain 18:50 23 Nov 2006

Is there any other way of doing this apart from a portable area, i saw an advert for a type of pen thingy that you put in the back, do you have any idea what that is?

thank you

  dave726587 18:53 23 Nov 2006

you could get a portable aerial + a good signal booster.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:56 23 Nov 2006

Never had much success with portable aerials and digital signals, depnds on how good the signal strength is.

I put another aerial in the loft and an a cable to the beroom when I move my pc upstairs.

  helpmeagain 19:00 23 Nov 2006

I live in an area surrounding the Licky woods, signal strenth can be rubbish depending on the day, however we have had sky fitted and that seems to work. The areial is on the roof and i have one box in the main living room and another areial white box in the other living room, the areail for that box runs on the outside of my house

is it possible to have sky fitted upstairs and run the pctc of that?

  Rtus 19:32 23 Nov 2006
  helpmeagain 20:46 23 Nov 2006

Thank you for your help and web site, i have to check that it is compatible with my Pinnacle PCTV card

thank you

  Stuartli 00:00 24 Nov 2006

>>i saw an advert for a type of pen thingy that you put in the back, do you have any idea what that is?

You are probably thinking of a USB analogue or Freeview PC stick or dongle - even so you will probably still require a decent signal to get the best results. See:

click here

for an example.

The best bet would be to run a coaxial cable (perhaps via an aerial amplifier) to your current set up or try this well rated portable aerial:

click here

Cost is just £9.99.

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