pctools virus

  denis93 12:03 19 Dec 2009

my girlfriend had avast antivirus on her computer,after she was on facebook checking her applications,her avast dissappeared and was replaced by avg and something called pctools or pcsecurity ,not sure of the exact name,she tells me it keeps asking her to upgrade in order to get money of her,it will not let her start the computer in safe mode through the f8 button or the run msconfig,she has windows vista premium,help please,thank you

  johndrew 13:49 19 Dec 2009

AVG is a recognised anti-virus program click here and PCTools also provide a known anti-virus click here. Have a look at both of these to confirm it is these and not something pretending to be either. There are also some sites offering various PC Security software/help; I know little of these but some look very suspect.

For genuine software of this type to load an action must be taken. However if two anti-virus programs are running on the same PC it will cause conflict and problems.

What program is it that `keeps asking her to upgrade`?

Have she tried `Restoring` to a point prior to the problem occurring?

  orsta 20:22 19 Dec 2009

This sounds like the same problem a college of mine had. He also runs the AVG suite, and this PC Security nasty popped up and knocked his AVG into touch. The firewall was reset to allow all and it turned the anti-virus off.

After a long unsuccessful process with Mbam, Doc Webb et al, I was able to clean his machine with Spyware Terminator. from here click here

I found it best to install, update and run this , inc the Clam anti virus addition, in Safe mode. After a couple of sweeps I restarted his machine normally. At this point his AVG kicked in and updated. Then i ran a full AVG anti virus/malware scan and took an chance on deleting any thing found.

I have left Spyware Terminator on his machine, but uninstalled the Clam anti-virus.

Because Mbam is always recommended in these forums I installed this as well again, updated and ran a scan.

That was around a week ago and he has not reported any problems since.

hope this helps


  johndrew 12:05 20 Dec 2009

Very interesting.

I run AVG and have Spyware Terminator installed. Perhaps it is the latter that has protected me from the `nasty` you mention. Don`t suppose you know what it is called?

  orsta 14:12 21 Dec 2009

"Don`t suppose you know what it is called?"

I'm afraid i don't. But it was something like PC Security Tools. It looked very similiar to the AntiVirus live talk about here click here

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