PCTools Firewall Plus

  [email protected] 18:01 04 May 2010

I have installed the free version of this program but when active it prevents Outlook Express from sending and receiving e-mails.OE OK if this Firewall is disabled.Does anyone know how to program it to let OE do its proper job? Maybe you can`t in the free version but to upgrade it costs nearly £50-too much for me.
Secondly does anyone know of a good (ie better than Windows) Firewall program that won`t cause the OE problems I`m having with PCTools?

  john bunyan 18:13 04 May 2010

I have PCTools free firewall with W7 and Outlook. No problem with eMails. I will look at the options but am sure there should not be a problem on this issue.

  john bunyan 18:18 04 May 2010

In PC Tools, "Applications" , in my case, Microsoft Outlook has a yellow sun in ythe in column and a green one in the out column.Hav you looked in applications? If so what does it say for Outlook Express?

  [email protected] 19:30 04 May 2010

John B,
It doesn`t list Outlook Express as such but it does list Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer.Is OE included in either of those? I run XP and the choices are Block,Allow All,Allow Trusted and Ask.

  john bunyan 22:12 04 May 2010

I had Outlook Express on XP but that is not an option with W7 - so I have MS Outlook as the e mail. Not sure how to "tell" the firewall that OE is OK - will come back after a few rests.

  john bunyan 22:18 04 May 2010

In PCTools, Applications there is an "add" button. Suggest you locate where OE is in Win Explorer, and add it manually.I think you can find it by a "search" in Win Explorer. Outlook Express is the default eMail application in XP but as I am now on W7 I can't rember where it is filed - somewhwere in programme files I suppose.

  john bunyan 22:19 04 May 2010

When I had XP I used Comodo (free) as a firewall, but it was a bit intrusive.

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