PCs with XP installed but no original disk

  dmm27 19:30 04 Feb 2006

how wise is it to get a new PC with XP installed on the HD, and recovery disks, rather than having teh XP disk?

Are there likely to be problems in future incase need to do a clean install?

  Zak 19:38 04 Feb 2006

You need to check with your chosen manufacturer or supplier as to what is provided. There are variations:

- Recovery disc with full WinXP supplied
- Recovery disc an option to burn yourself from preinstalled WinXP
- Driver CDs provided
- You are required to burn a CD with drivers from preinstalled folder

Finally any recovery or restore CD - ask directly as to whether full WinXp is on it and whether you can use this to make a clean install. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)versions will restrict you to the PC that it came with. Have alook at other threads which explain further re OEM.

  dmm27 19:52 04 Feb 2006

looking at getting an Acer:

click here

or here

click here

and it looks as if you need to burn your own recovery disks, one reveiwer mentioned it burns either 4cd or 1dvd

  rdave13 20:17 04 Feb 2006

My previous machine had a recovery disk and a drivers disk. I did a couple of clean installs with no problem. However I upgraded the graphics card and added more ram and the restore disk didn't recognise the machine.Meaning that to do a clean install I would have had to physically return it to original settup.

I've now bought a computer with an xp disk.

  Dipso 22:47 04 Feb 2006

I bought a similar Acer desktop and it didn't come with any discs. I was prompted to burn them myself which I did, it took 2 CD's. I also used Acronis to make an image of the drive when set up as I wanted it.

As it only came with 256MB of RAM I took the risk of opening the case (and therefore voiding the warranty) and installed a further 256MB stick.

After only a few days use the hard drive failed. As I couldn't return it, I installed a spare hard drive I had. However, I was unable to reinstall the OS from the Recovery Discs or the Image. I was panicking a bit but fortunately I have a full copy of XP which came with my other PC, Medion provide an XP disc as well as Recovery Discs, so I used that along with the Acers licence number to reinstall the OS.

I see the machines you are looking at have adequate RAM but it's just something to bear in mind. The PC I bought was a bargain (£200) but I wouldn't spend a lot on a PC that didn't have its on backup discs in future.

  jul 22:53 04 Feb 2006

If you want a Pc without any disc you could always do like my Sister did and go to Pc world.
Then when you Run into problems they say oh yes we can sell you a copy for about £60. needless to say she ended up with a computer that was totally useless for a while.

  dmm27 23:29 04 Feb 2006

sounds like its worth having a disk, or take the saving of the cheaper machine without a disk and hope!

  Catastrophe 23:36 04 Feb 2006

My opinion, for what it is worth, and I disclaim everything as I do not want to be sued, is that anyone who buys a computer without an OS disk is a complete fool.

Who wants a PC without an OS disk if something goes wrong? And something might go wrong ...


  dmm27 23:39 04 Feb 2006

Can I assume that things usually go wrong for you :->

  Dipso 23:42 04 Feb 2006

I would definitely take an image of the system after it's set up in addition to the self made recovery discs. I know I was unlucky with the hard drive failure but if the worst came to the worst you could always borrow an XP disc of a mate and reinstall using your legit licence like I ended up doing.

I must admit though, I prefer having a proper XP disc rather than just recovery discs.

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