PCs and telephone RENs

  Jackcoms 18:56 17 Jun 2005

I understand that on a normal BT telephone circuit you can plug in 'phones up to a maximum REN of 4 before losing any sound quality.

At the moment in my home I have 3 telephones (with a total REN of 3) plus this PC which is running on BB. If possible I want to add a fourth 'phone to the circuit.

Should the PC be included in the total REN currently using my BT circuit - making a total of 4 - or does BB usage not affect the REN total?

  keith-236785 19:51 17 Jun 2005

im just guessing but as i understand it, Broadband uses the unused wires in your normal phone line and as such shouldnt be included in the no of phones.

best to wait though for someone who knows better.

good luck

  spuds 19:51 17 Jun 2005

I run three telephones and a fax machine, plus BB connected computer all from the same line. Never had any problems.

  Graham ® 19:59 17 Jun 2005

REN only affects the ringing.
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  Angry Kid 20:04 17 Jun 2005

What about two Sky Digital systems plus one phone and a computer? Will this configuration take it over the value of 4?

  Graham ® 20:13 17 Jun 2005

Sky boxes don't ring :-)

  Jackcoms 21:07 17 Jun 2005

Thanks for all your help.

It seems as if I can add a fourth 'phone.

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