pco ex graphics card

  [email protected] 01:38 08 Jan 2007

hi, i was read someone asking advise on settings for new grx card, i had on board mvid 6100le and bought 7600gt pcie card which plugged straight in no probs, i just checked my bios (first time) and on video there were 3 options, on board pci and pci e.
the one marked pci was ticked? guessing this was wrong i changed it to pcie, cant see any difference, is this now correct, is there any difference? i downloaded new drivers from file hippo yesterday would this have changed settings?
i know this isnt a real problem, im just curious.
tia adam

  [email protected] 01:39 08 Jan 2007

actually on games the picture is now much sharper, a lot better in fact

  [email protected] 01:49 08 Jan 2007

my question but it may help others!
whole system is now much faster the screen seems to change quicker the picture sharper, i wonder why the bios got it wrong?

  terryf 01:59 08 Jan 2007

I found on a similar theme that after installing win and letting it set up the usb and pci, I had some problems and went into Device Manager and un-installed them all and let windows find them and re-install, the system went better

  [email protected] 02:09 08 Jan 2007

well after the on board grx there was an improvement but this is 10 times better, in fact its like a new computer, so glad i checked, i have half life running and everest shows the gpu temp down by 4 degrees (oops) i thinl the gpu fan is quicker, but that maybe my imagination! the pictures graphics and text are definatly better much sharper

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