PCMCIA Card not recognised

  [DELETED] 20:51 10 Nov 2003

Heres hoping that someone out there can help.

A friend has a Toshiba Tecra 740CDT laptop 166 megahertz Intel Pentium w/MMX + 32 Megabytes Installed Memory, running Win98SE

He has bought a USB2 PCMCIA card but it is not recognised as being in the port.

Is the technology too new to run or is there something that we are doing wrong.

The card works fine on WinXP.

  [DELETED] 21:00 10 Nov 2003

If I'm not mistaken, you have got to go into the BIOS and switch it on. Switch the laptop on and keep pressing the delete key and have a look in the menus to see if it's there. If I'm wrong someone will shoot me down in flames :-)


  [DELETED] 21:30 10 Nov 2003

Thanks for the advice, dont know if this will affect your answer, and i should have mentioned this previously but he also has a pcmcia modem that we did manage to get working today

  [DELETED] 21:36 10 Nov 2003

Not really, I was going by a colleague at work, when he had a problem with his laptop I noticed you could turn the power on/off to the pcmcia card in the BIOS. Just a thought.

Hope you get it sorted soon.


  [DELETED] 23:56 10 Nov 2003

Anyone else got any suggestions

  Belatucadrus 00:15 11 Nov 2003
  [DELETED] 00:47 11 Nov 2003

Thanks for that link it certainly appears to have the answer somewhere there

  [DELETED] 01:38 11 Nov 2003

Microsoft does not provide native OS support of USB2 for Windows 98. Suppliers of USB2 PCI cards or PCMCIA cards usually give you a driver on a diskette for Windows 9x OS. You need to install the Windows 98 driver, if supplied.

If the PCMCIA card doesn't come with the driver, type in the brand and model name in Google and see if there's a driver for it.

Sometimes you can get these non-branded cards. Then see if you can find out which chip the card uses (a lot of USB2 cards use the NEC chip), and get the driver for the relevant chip.

One last thing to check is the type of PCMCIA card itself. Many new PCMCIA cards use the cardbus standard (especially if fast transfer is needed). If so, check if the PCMCIA slot on the laptop supports cardbus (the fact that the card seems to fit into the slot does not mean it will work on the slot).

To check whether the slot supports cardbus (if the card is a cardbus card), go to Device Manager, expand the PCMCIA category, and see if it refers to cardbus. If not, then it does not support cardbus, and the card will not work even if you have the right driver.

  [DELETED] 16:31 14 Nov 2003

Thanks for the advice,the drivers are available and i have tried loading them to no avail.

i have not had the time to try any of the above suggestions as yet.

but i will get back to you all at the earliest opportunity

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