Ozy 23:09 23 Dec 2008

I can connect to the internet by Ethernet wire,
But it means connecting by 15metre wire,
From the hall up the stairs to the spare bedroom,( Dangerous)
I cannot follow the instructions to install internet by wireless.
In Control Centre, setup a new network, click wireless,
“use a Windows Driver “ ,click next,
I get a box it tells me to find the file required
I click any of the alternatives it gives me,
Which ever I click on it says “no file selected”.
I close and it gives me a URL where I can obtain the drivers,
I have tried the URL by wire, and I have checked if I typed it correctly,
I get cannot find
click here

  LastChip 23:24 23 Dec 2008

click here for a tutorial I wrote on how to set up wifi in PCLinuxOS.

That's all you should need to do unless your wireless chip-set isn't being recognised.

If it isn't, you need to copy the Windows driver for your chip-set to PCLinuxOS and use ndiswrapper to install the driver. (ndiswrapper is the container in which the driver sits and is not a driver in it's own right).

Have a look at the "how to" first and come back and tell us the result.

  Ozy 12:20 24 Dec 2008

i click on wireless it says
"select the network interface to configure"
use a Windows driver (with ndiswrapper )
i am useing Netgear WG111v3exe adapter,
i add this driver to the list,
i get an error,
"no device supporting the ast Wg111v3.exe
ndiswrapper driver is present"
it is very annoying when you find something is difficult to install,
i have Ubuntu installed on an old computer,
installing wireless on it was very easy to follow and very fast to install,
i would have liked to install pclinuxos dual booted with Vista,
but not without wireless.
so i may dual boot Ubuntu with Vista.
Ubuntu has Gnome desktop,can i swap it for KDE?,
if i can please tell me how to do it

  LastChip 14:35 24 Dec 2008

You can use KDE with Ubuntu and by far the easiest way is to download Kubuntu, which is the KDE version of Ubuntu.

The reason you are having problems with your wireless adapter are two fold. First, you are trying to use the executable program, rather than the driver itself (which is never going to work) and you are trying to use a USB adaptor, rather than a built in wireless chip.

It seems you've not got a particularly Linux friendly wireless adapter, but click here for a solution for Ubuntu, which may work in PCLinuxOS. You can only try and see.

I also came across these: click here;wap2 and click here;wap2 which may help.

If all else fails, you would be well advised to get a known piece of hardware that will work with Linux. click here for one such example, which in my humble opinion, is not very expensive.

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