Pclink & data cable help with sgh t100

  Fanianni 19:34 07 Jan 2005


Just need some desperate advice.... I got a data cable for my sgh t100 then learned that i needed software for it to work, so i download PClink gsm ver 1.2, not working still, it keeps tellin me that its not connecting to the phone....
ive checked my COM ports 1 & 2 but its showing that i have nothing plugged into either of them,
So if theres any1 out there that can suggest , advice me on whats my next move etc please reply soon.
My windows is XP pro, 640 mb plenty of space left!
anything else u wish to know don't hesitate to post...
regards Fani

  Technotiger 20:25 07 Jan 2005

Hi, I know absolutely nothing about your mobile phone - but would hazard a guess that perhaps what you need is a Blue-tooth Adapter of some sort.

Sorry I can'y help further. Cheers.

  Technotiger 20:29 07 Jan 2005

Me again - have a look here, seems to bear-out what I just said.

click here

  Fanianni 20:42 07 Jan 2005

Thank you for answering to my plea... lolol
but im after what best software to use with the data cable really!
or any other advice etc..
thanks again

  Technotiger 20:56 07 Jan 2005

corrie9006-05-2004, 10:07
did you ever get GSM v1.0 to work ??? if so HOW ???


atashius06-13-2004, 03:52
be sure your phone is off
connect your phone to pc via original cable.
push connect buttom.
and now you can download music and pic to your phone.


Got this from another forum - might help. Cheers.

  Kev.Ifty 22:00 07 Jan 2005

Samsung Talk......... Its an American site, but very informative.

Have a trawl.......

Sometimes it's com 3 or 4 or maybe Easy GPRS. There are many variables.... But this the place to ask it's a good site!(above ^)


  Kev.Ifty 22:01 07 Jan 2005
  Fanianni 22:19 07 Jan 2005

Thank you Kev but already on it lolol i posted a thread there about 6pm this evenin and im still waitin for a response.

any other sites... let me know
regards fani

  Pauper 22:49 07 Jan 2005

PCLink for GSM Ver.1.0

Just load this up, turn off the phone and connect the pc cable end followed by the 'phone end. Then start PCLink and go to Tools/Connect and the software should then locate your phone.

Something which the software sometimes does not like are other items plugged into com ports.

Can't give you a link to the software unfortunately as mine came on disc.

(now I must go and give the misses her mobile back..........on the other hand this could be a potential cost saving)

  Fanianni 23:06 07 Jan 2005

thnx Pauper
i have downloaded the 1.2 version for PCLink gsm and it does not work but i haven't had anything helpful from two forums about this matter (don't take any offense please) so know i'm going straight to the people that supplied the data cable to me and see what they came up with!!

But PLEASE PLEASE if there is any1 out there who has a clue, dont hesitate to reply.
regards Fani

  Pauper 23:14 07 Jan 2005

Just another scrap of info for you, when you plug the cable into the 'phone, the main LCD should light up without turning the phone on. This shows the connection has been made.

Also, check that you have the right cable, if the one you have been supplied with has a block along its length with a switch labeled Data-D/L this is the wrong cable. You need a standard download cable Samsung part number PCB037DBE, this cable has no switches, just the connections either end.

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