PCI versus Netgear speed

  Irishman 15:34 15 Jan 2005

Hi all, My Netgear DM602 modem\router looks to have finally given up the ghost after weeks of trying. It kept losing the ethernet connection between it and the hub giving a "no connection to the internet" message in my taskbar. I tried changing cables around and found that if I changed the port on the hub that the modem was connected to it would start working again. Weird. I've put the latest firmware in but with no improvement. Last night it started dropping the internet connection as well and no amount of changing cables and rebooting cured it so I reinstalled my old Speedstream 3060 PCI modem. Now I've noticed that my connection is appreciably faster. Has anyone else experienced these problems with a Netgear DM602 and does anyone understand why my old internal BB modem should be so much faster than the Netgear? Could it be anything to do with the Netgear's firewall? I'm running XPSP2 with a Pipex 1 meg connection.

  Irishman 16:49 15 Jan 2005


  Irishman 18:32 15 Jan 2005

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