pci usb2 card incompatible with ipod??

  keef66 10:23 29 Dec 2005

pc about 4 yrs old, athlon 2100xp, 512mb ram, windows XP home SP2. Mobo has 2 x usb 1.1 ports. About a month ago I bought and installed a cheap USB 2.0 pci card which gave me an extra 4 USB 2 ports. In device manager can now see the standard enhanced pci to usb host controller, it claims the device is working properly, and not an exclamation mark in sight. Existing usb devices work when plugged into the new ports.
Son got an ipod nano for christmas and spent the whole of christmas day stuffing his entitre music collection onto the thing, plugged in via one of the new usb ports. Only lost the connection a couple of times. Now it won't stay connected for more than a couple of seconds.
Looking in the event log there's thousands of references to "Timed out sending notification of device interface change to window of "iPodManagerWndV2"

I have reinstalled the Ipod software and updated to the latest version. I have also tried the usb card in different pci slots but still the same.

Is it possible my cheapo usb card is simply incompatible with the Ipod for some reason??
when I switched to the old usb 1 port on the mobo it works more slowly but it does maintain the connection

  keef66 10:30 05 Jan 2006

Just in case anyone ever reads this and has a similar problem.
Win XP insisted on installing a ms 2002 driver for it. Found a 2003 ALI updated driver on the usbman.com website which seems to have it working properly now.

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