holligan 16:34 16 Jan 2004

Are they easy to fit in

AKHTER 8 yr old pc. I have 4 spare ports at the back ( WHICH ONE)

I want to connect a printer via usb

No knowledge of inside a pc so pics would help

  LeadingMNMs 16:41 16 Jan 2004

I'm not sure how an 8 year old computer would get on with a USB card.

The card can go in any of the PCI slots in the back.

If you've got the motherboard manual then look in that for some advice.

  holligan 16:47 16 Jan 2004

Got it free

  ventanas 16:48 16 Jan 2004

What version of Windows do you have?

  Trackrat 16:50 16 Jan 2004

AS above if it is 8 years old it will probably be running windows 95 so it will not support USB.
If you want to see how to build a computer and the parts inside take a look at this site.
click here

  ventanas 16:53 16 Jan 2004

That was what was going through my mind.

I think that the final version (95c) did have limited USB support, but how good it was I don't know.

  vinnyo123 16:57 16 Jan 2004

you also probably have old pci slots which version 2.1 will not fit .new pci slots have 3 key slots (if you would) and old have 2key

  jgosden 17:04 16 Jan 2004

basically since your pc is 8 years old it is coming to the end of its life and it may be worth buying a new pc which will have usb support

If you don't, what OS do you have at the moment?You will need to get 98 or above to run usb

  holligan 17:09 16 Jan 2004


  vinnyo123 17:23 16 Jan 2004

take a peek might help

click here

  Gongoozler 17:31 16 Jan 2004

Before you spend money on a usb card, download and run AIDA32 click here. I tried to get a VIA MPV3 chipset based motherboard to work with a USB card, and in the end I gave up and rebuilt the computer with a Syntax SV266A motherboard (less than £25). The MPV3 chipset has a known problem with USB. A BIOS upgrade may help, if you can find it.

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