PCI Sound card duplication installation

  Epirb406 18:47 19 Sep 2003

As any of you who have been kind enough to read my previous posts will note my sound system has been giving me some jip!

Thanks for your help on that.

Now I have a different problem, my sound card is installed and working but when I restart my PC it tells me it has found new hardware...PCI Audio device and would I like to install it.

IF I say yes and load drivers for a second time I get two similar sound cards on my system details and no sound.

If I say cancel all works well.

What is causing this desire of win ME to duplicate and how do I stop it?

Thanks in advance,


  Kitz E Kat 19:23 19 Sep 2003

I had exactly the same problem with a 'trust' modem on 98SE....

Never cracked it, changed to a Conexant modem, no problem since....

Used the same Trust modem on a XP computer no problem....


Kitz E kat

  pepe 19:28 19 Sep 2003

Try booting into Safe Mode, and removing all instances of sound cards, then reboot.
Also if you have on board sound, make sure it is disabled in your BIOS settings

  torMentor 19:40 19 Sep 2003

may well be the problem, had a similar problem with a mates video card when he decided to install a PCI 3d card for some new games he had, the onboard video would want drivers but load the cards drivers instead, must have confused windoze, there was a option to disable the onboard GFX in the BIOS but it was so well disguised (something like "internal fast pci Vport") it took some time to find it, beware though, some onboard chipsets don`t give you the choice.


  Epirb406 19:58 19 Sep 2003

Will the onboarcd chipset show up as PCI as well? If so, this may be the prob!

How will doing the clean up in safe mode be any different to usual?

Thanx, Epirb.

  torMentor 20:22 19 Sep 2003

I think it was more just the motherboard manufacturer being obscure (I think the board hailed from the very start of AGP and they where not sure what to call it), you may well find that its listed in the BIOS like mine, under integrated peripherals, SiS onboard sound in my case, but there are lots of other soundchip makers out there, just check the settings and disable and make a note of the ONE likely thing you alter, then reboot, that way if it messes something up then you can just change it back, remember though, just alter one thing at time and make a note of the old setting, and if it doesn`t do what you wanted then change it back to what it was even if it appears to have done no harm, just banging around at random in the BIOS can rapidly disable your PC or worse put a phantom fault on it days after you forgot that you ever altered that memory speed setting.


  Epirb406 20:31 19 Sep 2003

Sounds like good advice....give me a couple of hours!


  Epirb406 10:24 20 Sep 2003

looks like the next step tho' but thought I would just cast it out into the help room one more time for any Saturday morning folks.

Sound card is an Xwave 7000 series but I can't find any information about them on the web.

The chip on the sound card is a C-Media CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device

My Belarac Advisor profile also includes a C-Media AC97 Audio Device, is this the motherboard chip?

The motherboard is listed as ECS K7S5A 1.0

BIOS American Megatrends 07.00T 04/02/01

Running Windows Millenium.

Thanks for reading, Epirb.

  Epirb406 19:52 20 Sep 2003

I fiddled with bios to no avail, there was an enabled on borard sound device but disabling it made no difference.

I installed, deleted, had my registy cleaned, installed and did it all again and again until by some fluke it worked.

I now hace two PCI sound devices in my device manager, both of which have got a big old exclamation mark against MPU-401.

However,I have a PC with sound and for the moment I am going to settle (In an aggrieved sort of way) for second best.

Thanks for all your help, any further suggestions would be gratefully received but for now, thanx and this thread will be ticked resolved before it hits the bottom of the page.

Cheers all, Epirb.

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