pci slots how can you tell if they are working

  [DELETED] 22:23 29 Oct 2003

have 2 pci slots have tried shifting cards to both slots a total of 5 modems all pnp but xp pro will not pick them up tried video card and no luck either just black screen
any ideas how I can confirm if pci slots are duff??

  [DELETED] 22:25 29 Oct 2003

sounds like youve already prooved it

  [DELETED] 22:34 29 Oct 2003

This little bit of software will let you quite a lot about most of your hardware, what works, what doesn't click here=

  [DELETED] 23:43 29 Oct 2003

Most important (you may already know, but just in case) - you must unplug the mains, or switch off at the mains or on the back of the PSU, before changing internal devices in the computer. Just powering down from the front panel, or the software switch off routine is not enough - power is still left on the motherboard and can blow cards, RAM, etc.

When you change/add a PCI card, on the first bootup always go into the BIOS and Enable the PCI configuration reset. This allows all the PCI cards to be re-detected and their IRQs to be sorted out again. It will automatically reset itself to Disabled after the next re-boot.

  woodchip 23:49 29 Oct 2003

Also have a look in BIOS at the PLUG & PLAY to see if they are enabled. and P & P as not been disabled

  [DELETED] 00:23 30 Oct 2003

Thanks oglemire,A_world_maker,DieSse,woodchip

will go along with all your suggestions

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