PCI slots in ASUS A7A266 mobo

  dunderheid 16:54 12 Feb 2006

Could anybody please tell me if the PCI slots in the above mobo will accept low profile pci cards.

I can remember sending a low profile USB2 PCI card back to ebuyer because it was too small. Was this through stupidity or am I correct in stating that this mobo will not accept low profile cards.

The reason I am asking this question is because I have unwittingly bought a low profile ethernet card on ebay, and the person I bought it from says that PCI slots are universal and will take standard or low profile cards.

  Diemmess 18:05 12 Feb 2006

I don't really know, but surely the size of the card doesn't alter its function ..... If it will go in to the available space then it shouldn't matter what size it is?

  dunderheid 18:18 12 Feb 2006

I thank you for your response and can understand why you cannot really understand why I should have to ask such a question.

I have just discovered that some low profile cards are supplied with three inch mounting brackets as opposed to the standard five inch.

This is what must have happened when I bought my USB PCI card from ebuyer.

I can assure you that the card was no use to me and had to be RMAd for a standard card.

  Diemmess 18:26 12 Feb 2006

Ok its a mechanical problem. I hadn't realised that! :0)

  Skyver 18:32 12 Feb 2006

It's not the motherboard that will be problem, but the case - if the card comes with two backing plates it'll be OK, if you're stuck with the smaller backing plate....

  Eric10 18:47 12 Feb 2006

Skyver is correct. A low profile card has a shorter mounting bracket and is intended for use with slimline cases which don't have enough depth to take a standard card. Some low profile cards come with both a short and a long mounting mounting bracket so they can be used with either a slim or a standard case just by changing the bracket.

  dunderheid 18:54 12 Feb 2006

I did not know any of the above at the time, but unfortunately the USB2 card did not come with a five inch bracket included as spare, or I would have had a good idea what the problem was.

I just thought at the time,(and up until now) that low profile cards were smaller and would not fit my PC.

Perhaps I was just unfortunate in that the shipper at ebuyer picked one out of the bin with the smaller mounting bracket and I got landed with it.

I can remember it cost me £2.68 to RMA it back to Ebuyer.

  Gongoozler 18:58 12 Feb 2006

In my experience, when the error is the fault of Ebuyer, when returning goods on RMA if you slip the postage receipt into the package then Ebuyer will refund the cost.

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