pci ide controller card and new hard drive -advice

  holly polly 19:48 21 Aug 2003

hi just about to purcase new hard drive ,but my mobo only supports ata upto 66 ,as the new generation of hd are usually ata133 i'm not going to get the benificial rights that a 7200 rpm ata 133 hd would bring -it was then suggested to me to con the hd and increase stability, to use a pci ide controller card this is a cheaper option then a new mobo ,my question is if i was to purchase one of these cards would the preformance be on par with a up to date mobo ie transfer rates etc ,obviously if i purchase a 7200rpm hard drive and one of these ide controller cards i want it to preform accordingly-as usual all answers greatfully recieved ,cheers-hol pol...

  A Cat Called George 20:21 21 Aug 2003

66 and 133 refer to the peak transfer rate in MB/s the hdd can in theory achieve from or to the hdd's cache. This is only a brief burst and in fact is never achieved in practise. The drive's normal transfer rate when reading from or writing to the disk is much slower and well below 66MB/s. You will notice very little or no difference with or without the add-on card so save your money. If you don't have much RAM use the money to buy some more, the benefits will be much more apparent.

  holly polly 20:29 21 Aug 2003

thanks a cat called george ,i have 512 mb of sd ram on board so am i right in assuming adding a ide controller card will not make any diffrence -what about stability ie ata66 on mobo ata 133 on hard drive when transfering data ,burning cds etc video files will this cause a bottle neck, buffer under run or any other associated problems -cheers -hol pol...

  A Cat Called George 20:39 21 Aug 2003

Well you clearly have plenty of RAM, 512MBs serves me very well too! I can't guarantee you will have no problems but I don't see any reason why you should have any problems caused by not adding the controller card. Burning a cd at 48x speed only requires 7200KB/s so you should not experience bottlenecks. It is best though if your cd rewriter has buffer underun protection to minimise the risk of making shiny coasters with a hole in the middle.

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