PCI IDE card to boot windows

  Trackrat 20:20 02 Sep 2005

Can you pu a pci ide controller card in a computer and disconnect the hard drive from the motherboard IDE controller and then connect it to the PCI card and use it to boot from.
I am asking this as I suspect a faulty Mobo controller
So by adding a pci IDE controller card will it be able to boot the main hard drive

  woodchip 20:23 02 Sep 2005

It may work but it's anybodies guess, as to the motherboard or the controller on the drive being faulty. If you had a message pop up saying controller fault I would say it’s the hard drive

  Cuddles 22:08 02 Sep 2005

Yes it does work, i have done this on several machines.

  alan227 23:02 02 Sep 2005

Cuddles how did you go about it , did you have to alter any settings in the BIOS?.

  alan227 23:03 02 Sep 2005

Sorry for breaking into Trackrats post but I can use this information to help a friend.

  Catastrophe 09:47 03 Sep 2005

It may depend. I have just this situation on an old computer but cannot load the software to have the PCI recognised. So I too, am interested to hear how Cuddles does it. Is there a PCI IDE which is recognised without inputting software?

  Trackrat 09:33 04 Sep 2005

yes it is that simple, put the pci card in the slot and connect your hard drive to it, I assume it is a raid card you are using.

This is the reply from Cuddles.

  Catastrophe 01:37 05 Sep 2005

Errrr - how does it detect the software to install the PCI? Catch 22.

I repeat - is there a PCI IDE which is recognised without inputting software? Details please?

  Cuddles 21:44 07 Sep 2005

You do not need to install software to use a PCI card.

  Catastrophe 01:29 08 Sep 2005

I can boot from a PC which has software installed. Why do I have a software installation disk?

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