PCI graphics card in Win Me system

  Muckle 15:10 19 Jul 2004

I have installed a PCI graphics card as part of an update to a system running Me - all went well with installing the hardware and then the software, but when instructed to restart the PC it gets as far as windows is updating configuration settings (or something like that!) "this may take a few minutes" - I have left it over 30 minutes with no obvious progress.
I can't even get it to boot in safe mode - it just stalls part way through the boot sequence.
Can anyone help with this issue please?

  jbaker65 16:13 19 Jul 2004

Are you saying that you installed a graphics card after using on-board graphics? If so when you boot up, you should go into bios and disable the on-board setting. If you do not mean that and you only replaced one graphics board with another, could you not revert to your original and start afresh?

  Muckle 21:26 19 Jul 2004

I switched from on-board to PCI (no AGP)

  sidecar sid 22:51 19 Jul 2004

Have a look at this

click here

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