PCI Graphics Card Upgrade Problem

  Kidderman3 18:54 13 Aug 2014

I have a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop PC P4 2.8 with 2Gb RAM. I recently upgraded the OS from XP to Windows 7 32 bit. It became apparent that although the computer meets the required specs. to run Windows 7, the onboard graphics need to be upgraded to enable me to use programs such as Movie Maker. My research indicated that graphics card upgrade options are limited, as the motherboard supports PCI only, not PCI-e or AGP. Several threads as to a workable solution advised that a ATI Radeon R9250 128mb PCI card would work. I ordered one from an Ebay supplier and am trying to get it to work. I've disabled the onboard graphics and installed the card, plugging the VGA monitor cable into the port. However, although I have graphics, i.e. the desktop etc., the graphics card is showing in Device Manager under Other Devices as a video controller with a warning that drivers aren't installed. Windows can't locate drivers for the card. I've searched online, but haven't been successful (some sites say they have the drivers, but don't). I believe there may be a feature in Windows 7 of selecting backwards compatibilty for this card under earlier operating systems such as XP, but I don't know how to do that. If anyone could offer any advice as to how to get this card working, I'd be grateful.

  Kidderman3 20:35 13 Aug 2014

Thanks for that. I downloaded what appears to be a driver for the card in Windows 7 32 bit. The driver is in my Downloads folder. I still have the message in Device Manager saying that drivers haven't been installed for the card. When I ask Windows to locate the driver in the Downloads folder, it searches and then comes back saying that it can't find the driver. Is there something which I should be doing to get the driver to be recognised? When I right-click on the driver in my downloads folder,, a number of tabs appear including one for Compatibility.There are options to select compatibility with a number of operating systems, including XP and 7. Should I select windows 7 or XP. Or shouldn't it matter if the driver works? Again, I'd appreciate any help.

  BRYNIT 21:05 13 Aug 2014

I assume you downloaded the 9-7vista32win732ddcccwdm_enu.exe file did you double click on the file to extract the drivers?

  Kidderman3 22:15 13 Aug 2014

Yes, that's the file which I downloaded. I double-clicked the file and the ATI-Catalyst Manager went through an installation process where it analysed, installed and finished. Device Manager continues to indicate that the driver can't be located. It's the correct dreiver, I assume, and it has downloaded and installed. Windows 7 doesn't appear to be able to recognise it.

  BRYNIT 22:54 13 Aug 2014

ATI and AMD are from the same company you could try downloading the auto detect program CLICK HEREit may work.

You could also try this driver CLICK HERE

  Kidderman3 05:59 14 Aug 2014

Well, it looks like it aint gonna happen. I downloaded the auto detect program from AMD which located the card and listed another driver download option for it. I downloaded the driver, but still no success in getting Windows to locate it. So I have two, allegedly compatible drivers installed, neither of which can be found by Windows. I've put both of them into XP mode, without success. Along the way, I got the following error message: "This problem occurred because your video card doesn't support the required version of DirectX. This version of Windows requires a video card that supports DirectX or newer". Could that be why the drivers I've downloaded aren't being found, or is that a different issue altogether? Anyway, I'm a little p**d at having bought the card on the strength of posts from people with the same spec PC who recommended that particular card as a working upgrade. Thanks to those of you who took the time to look and to offer suggestions. I appreciate it.

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