PCI Graphics Card Blues

  NirvanaGuy 02:15 17 Aug 2004

I have made a huge mistake on my friends PC after a cleaning session in the internals of his machine.

We took the graphics card out, this being a Hercules 32MB Kyro 4000XT PCI Graphics Card.
And then I replaced it in the wrong PCI slot. Would this delete his original installed drivers as we're altering a component in XP?

Would the files still be on his hard drive?
The files on the driver cd are written for XP, having trouble replacing them.

Also, his onboard Intel 82810E Graphics Controller isn't letting us change to the Kyro 4000XT, in the Display Properties>Settings Window

The card is being reckonised by Windows at the log on screen (when the monitor is plugged into the card not the onboard Intel Graphics)

Does anyone have any ideas? BIG HELP NEEDED! friend furious!

Your help is our only hope!

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