PCI Graphicd card

  duplo 19:19 11 Mar 2003

My flat mate and I have got our hands on an old PC system (after I build my father a new one) and we have decided to use it as a DVD and Media player for the downstairs TV.

Its a fairly basic system, a Celeron 600, 384 RAM, 8 MB onboard graphics, one PCI slot (Just the one!!). Suffice to say its basic. I think it should play DVD's.

What we need to do is connect it to the TV. Is there a cable that can connect to the monitor output and into a TV or do we need a separate card. There us no AGP slot...

I was thinking of a decoder card, that would have a TV out on it? Are there such things... I dont want to spend much money, and we dont really need a graphics card, all we need is a TV out!

Any ideas? Cheers!

  flecc 19:27 11 Mar 2003

There's no cheap way out I'm afraid.

The VGA output is incompatible with your TV and you'd need a converter. One of those would probably cost more than the computer is worth. However, check it out by contacting these two companies:-


click here ,

Telephone: 0208 847 2776

Keene Electronics:-

01332 830551 or email: [email protected]

Both specialise in the interface between computers and TV/Video.

  Belatucadrus 20:05 11 Mar 2003

click here for a pci graphics card "With support for simultaneous TV and monitor output". Should be worth a look.

  Pauper 20:17 11 Mar 2003

or click here and enter the quick link code 28CP99 for a Radeon 9000 64mb DDR PCI RP DVI for sixty quid, but if you are going to use it only as a dvd/media player player you can pick up a dvd player for under sixty from the same place quicklink code 2B6C99

  Belatucadrus 20:38 11 Mar 2003

Which reminds me Richer sounds are currently doing a DVD player in their sale for £49.95 click here I doubt you'll beat that.

  duplo 20:48 11 Mar 2003

decisions decisions...

thanks... the idea of running all media through the PD in our lounge is appealing for £60...

but a dvd player for £50 is a great offer!


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