PCI Express-why should I go for it?

  polo 20:31 26 Feb 2005

I'm about to get a new computer and I'm wondering if I should choose PCI Express. When it is available and at about the same price wouldn't it be wise to choose it? Polo.

  Totally-braindead 21:06 26 Feb 2005

Yes, if I was building a new PC at the moment I'd want 2 things PCI Express and SATA, I wouldn't necessarily use either of them at the moment but I would in the future so it makes sense to get them now.

  Belatucadrus 22:47 26 Feb 2005

Because you are:-

a) Looking to future proof your MOBO in a big way.

b) Are a die hard gaming nut who absolutely has to have the next best thing.

If you just use a PC for word processing and web surfing you don't really need it and you have spotted the problem. "Available and at about the same price" at the moment PCI express is expensive, though the signs are good that it should be competitive before too long.

  polo 23:35 26 Feb 2005

I've configured a PC, an AMD, with and without IPC express and they come out about the same cost. Polo

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