PCI Express - Games Compatibility

  ayrpie 18:55 16 Feb 2005

Purchasing a desktop with PCI Express Graphics Card installed. Will my existing games operate with this system


  Diodorus Siculus 19:01 16 Feb 2005

Probaably but without telling us what the games are we can only guess. I think that both solitaire and minesweeper work fine on PCI express graphics.

Take a look at the manufacturers site.

  *Silver*Hawk* 19:17 16 Feb 2005

lol solitaire and minesweepeR? I think he may be referring to higher spec games.

  ayrpie 19:25 16 Feb 2005

Sorry if I did not make myself clear. By games I mean the likes of Flight Simulator 2004, Combat Flight Simulator etc purchased in the past two years

  *Silver*Hawk* 19:29 16 Feb 2005

PCI express are the latest gen cards, there should be no problems running any games. To find out why not try out some games?

  Bleep 20:30 16 Feb 2005

Yes the PCI-E just denotes the interface between the motherboard and the graphics card, and there is no difference other than that.

All of your old games will run on it providing of course the PCI-E card you got is not a really slow one such as x300se and your wanting to play HL2 with all eye candy on.

  ayrpie 20:46 16 Feb 2005

Thanks to all - especially "Bleep"

  Totally-braindead 21:24 16 Feb 2005

Some games have a compatability issue with certain cards, these are usually solved when the manufacturers bring out new drivers, the problems you would have would probably be caused by the driver rather than any problems due to the card being PCI Express. As one of the worst examples 007 Nightfire listed approximatly 40 graphics cards it had problems with, eventually got it to run by loading older drivers believe it or not the newer ones just wouldn't run at all. To be honest I had so much trouble with it I thought it shouldn't have been released in the state it was in.

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