PCI-E Graphics question

  Reb 20:00 26 Jun 2007

ATI X1650 (Triplex parasouls) DDR2 128bit
333MHz memory frequency/clock
553.5MHz GPU frequency/core clock
Abit IP35-e M/board
Award BIOS

I am new to PCI-e graphics cards & having finally got my system up and running I now have a graphics problem. I think this maybe due to it not being set up right in the bios -
in the bios it has 'PCI Express Frequency, the default is 100 to a max of 200MHz but I am unclear what I should be setting it to - I am not sure of the relation between the core clock & memory clock, is it like the CPU & RAM? I thought of setting it to 166 (half of 333) would that be right? Info from Riva Tuner says it has internal DAC 400MHz so maybe I should set it to 200?
With it set to 100 if I try & get a vista performance rating it gets to the video and the screen freezes & the system seems generally unstable. I was unable to get the drivers from Triplex but got them direct from ATI. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks, Rebecca

  umbongo(uk) 20:23 26 Jun 2007

no leave it alone this is an overclocking option

it will cause instability if you dont know what your doing
leave it at 100

try reinstalling the drivers for the card , not the ones that came on the disc with it.. but from ati site in link below

click here

open link choose operating system :vista
32bit vista
choose :radeon
choose card :1650 series

reply if anything goes wrong

  umbongo(uk) 09:34 27 Jun 2007

remember the vista drivers for ati and nvidia are in a very immature state for this operating system
as opposed to xp pro/home were they are mature
if you read other web pages you will see others having the same issue,s with vista

  [email protected] 09:55 27 Jun 2007

i have 2 pc's with nvidia 8800 gpus have just checked both and they are set at 200 mhz (the max i suppose) however, i have never set this manually both pc's tuned with ntune on latest drivers i would leave it to the software/drivers/system.
i pc xp the other vista

  umbongo(uk) 10:21 27 Jun 2007

reb your gonna have to go back to the 7.1 catalyst drivers and start from there
to find which drivers are more compatable and stable with your system
uninstall them all again
go to the ati page again and after you have chosen op system and the likes
go to the bottom of the page and it will say
previous drivers and software
start with the 7.1 try the vista program your trying to run if it works go to the next driver and repeat
it,s the only way to troubleshoot this.. if it still has issue,s i,d contenplait sending the card back and getting a diffrent one

adman your trying to compare a ferrari to a mini cooper

  Reb 12:17 27 Jun 2007

I posted more info but it doesnt seem to have come up so -
thanks very much for the replies :-) I will try going back with the drivers. In catalyst if I go to 3D the screen freezes with vertical lines every time - the card did say it was vista ready so I sort of think it must be something Im doing or not doing. Changing the settings in the bios didnt seem to make any difference at all so I have returned it to the default. Does anyone know how what the bios says pci-e at 100MHz is related to the graphics card? Id just be interested to know :-)

  umbongo(uk) 12:45 27 Jun 2007

might be a bum card ..if it persists i would take it back and get it swapped possibly try an nvidia flavour

here,s a link for more info on pcie
this explains it amply
ill not go into more details .its an oc pathway and i shouldnt be telling ordinary folks how to invalidate their products and possibly kill components

click here

get back if your wanting to know an alternative to the card if you plan swapping it

  Reb 15:42 27 Jun 2007

I would change the card but the computer freezes after being on awhile- I dont know if thats down to the graphics card or the RAM - I havent got any alternative bits to put in & see what does & doesnt work & thats making life very difficult :-) Its not a high end graphic card so I didnt expect any problems with it - am I right in thinking unhappy RAM could cause the problems as well? how are you at RAM settings in the BIOS??! :-)

  citadel 16:08 27 Jun 2007

psu is important one with 80% effiecincy, enough power, and a quaity brand. many cheap psu's do not supply the power they are supposed to.
some bios have a performance mode, you just select this and save settings and it ups allround performance.

  [email protected] 16:10 27 Jun 2007

why do you want to change the bios settings? have you already changed them, are you trying to undo what you have done?
if not leave well alone, if your componants are supported by the motherboard you shouldnt have to change anything, unless you really know what you're doing. dangerous territory!

  umbongo(uk) 20:34 27 Jun 2007

is you graphics card passive cooled ie no fan or does it have a fan either way try this
try running the pc for a while without the side panel on and see if it freezes up again
if it running better without the side panel on we,ll try somthing else

bio,s issue

all you have to do with bios is reset it to factorey defalt
or do a cmos clear usualy a jumper pin located on the motherboard check your motherboard documents it will show you the pin usually by the cmos battery.dont forget to do this with the system unplugged
it will reset the bio,s to default

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