pci card wireless for desktop?

  So Afraid 21:13 06 Oct 2007

One with wep and wap encription not to expensive,any suggestions and where to buy.

  ambra4 21:25 06 Oct 2007

Take your pick

click here=|c:304|&Recs=30

  ambra4 21:26 06 Oct 2007
  So Afraid 21:38 06 Oct 2007


Also before i choose are the pci usb adapters as good,as i was thinking they are easy just to plug in rather than open up the pc to install the pci card.

  ambra4 22:26 06 Oct 2007

Personal I prefer the pci vision against the USB type they are not hard to install

Once you read the manual before doing the install, most people these days only read the manual after, when the problems start.

As they have a feeling that they know it all and there mate say to do it so and so

The USB version is easily to install just plug it in and load the driver, but can be a pain in the rear at times and i find the signal strength can be low depending where the wireless router is place in the house

You have to decide which one is best for you and the location

Hope that help

  Strawballs 23:50 06 Oct 2007

The only problem I have found with PCI wireless cards is the fact that they have the aerial round the back of the machine close to the electrical interference of the PC itself. I have a desk top with one and is the weakest signal of all of my machines, I prefer USB with extention to get the adapter up high and away from the machine.

  So Afraid 12:55 07 Oct 2007

Thanks for both the replys,something to think about.

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