PCI card Swicth for cooling reasons

  Dearersteak 23:03 26 Dec 2003

Hi all.

Just a theory question. Won't be doing this for a while but am planning ahead.

Basically, my mother board has only has 3 pci slots, all in use. I'm having a little trouble keeping my machines temp down. CPU runs at 45C when idle, and tops 47C when working flat out. I am buying a new graphics card soon, along with 3 new case fans (to add to the two I have) and some thermal Glue. Thing is, in my 1st PCI slot, I have a 4 port USB card, which is fairly tall. My worry is that it might restrict the air flow going to the graphics cards fan. (Don't have a graphics card at the moment, as I’m using Onboard.

I have a small 10/100 network card in my 3rd PCI slot. So what I was hoping on doing, was switching the two around to allow better airflow to the Graphics.

Is it simply a case of switching the two cards around, or will I need to uninstall them? Remove them, re-insert them, re-install them along with driver’s ech and the rest?

Am running XP, 2 GHz AMD, 512DDR and 2nd pci slots taken by a Audigy LS sound card.

Thanks all.

  Djohn 23:18 26 Dec 2003

There should be no problems in moving the cards to different slots, they will be recognised by your O/S and motherboard without any adjustments. Your system/CPU temperatures also sound fine as they are and I wouldn't worry about trying to lower them . j.

  Gaz 25 23:19 26 Dec 2003

I have just swapped them round, the PC finds them again.

But some may suggest for BEST RESULTS to uninstall, etc.

But it is a lot of work for nowt really. The PC will refind them.

  Gaz 25 23:20 26 Dec 2003

If you want the best cooling, go no further...

Got one of those nice cases with built in freezers.

  Dearersteak 23:21 26 Dec 2003

i'd be happyer if the CPU was at about 39C, which is ware it used to hover before i changed case. Also, if i have more fans, then i can lower there speeds (am buying a coolermaster fan contorler) and so make my machine quiter)

  Dearersteak 23:25 26 Dec 2003

Also, I meant to ask.

When it comes to installing my new Graphics card, do I just install it, and the PC will automatically start putting video though it, and the disable the Onboard, or do I need to shut the PC down, install card, boot up still on onboard, enter bios and disable onboard, then reboot, and connect monitor to the new card ech?

Hope that makes scene.

  Djohn 23:37 26 Dec 2003

Boot up and go into BIOS and disable the on-board graphics card, turn off PC and install new card. Re-boot and the PC will find the card and install basic drivers, then you can install the specific drivers for the card.

  Dearersteak 23:40 26 Dec 2003

Right, ok. Will let you know how its goes.

Thanks for everyones helps.

Cheers all.

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