PCI Adaptor or USB, that is the question?

  ctr001 20:13 03 Oct 2006

Hi, new to networks but would like to link my Desktop to my daughters desktop, which is upstairs, via a wireless connection. Looked at prices and noticed Netgear will add or give away a USB connector with the router at minium cost. Could anyone advise me on the best route to take. No pun intended! PCI or USB. Thanks.

  harry1888 21:15 03 Oct 2006

USB connector = USB adapter???

Not much difference between pci or usb adapters (which receive the wireless signal from router). Usb adapters are slightly more expensive but dont require internal fitting and can be swapped to other pc's. Advantage of pci is they dont use up a precious usb socket, but, if you were short of pci slots...........

Commonest mistake is to buy the wrong router for your connection. If your modem plugs into a usb socket then your wireless router needs to be usb not ethernet which adds to the confusion.

So, does your modem connect to a usb socket?

  ade.h 23:27 03 Oct 2006

For a desktop? PCI any day. For a laptop? USB. I'm going off PCMCIA, to be honest.

NOTE: please make certain that your chosen PCI card supports WPA or WPA2, whichever you happen to use. A lot of the budget examples still do not, despite being part of the ratification requirement, due presumably to their age. The best that I have found this click here

  ade.h 23:31 03 Oct 2006

By the way... "If your modem plugs into a usb socket then your wireless router needs to be USB" is incorrect. Users of USB ADSL modems must either:

Replace it with an ADSL modem/router.


If you can find a legacy router that accepts USB modems, you can plug the existing modem into that.

Either way, the interface to the PC will be Ethernet and I would not recommend buying a router that accepts USB modems as they are all older models. Current standards don't encourage its use.

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