pchip m810 mother board

  adrian-204905 09:46 15 Mar 2004

im running on windows m e iv fitted a new cpu athlone 1800 but seting keep going to the old cpu setting how do i resolve this plase i have little knowledge on computers

  Gongoozler 09:53 15 Mar 2004

Go to this site click here, then click on the "Download Manual" button. The manual is in a zip file. When you have downloaded it, double click on the file name to unzip it (you will need unzip software to do this), and you should then have the manual. This will tell you what to do.

  adrian-204905 10:10 15 Mar 2004

went to site no manual to down load and iv seen manaul it doesnt help

  temp003 10:17 15 Mar 2004

The Athlon 1800+ has a clock speed of about 1530MHz (not 1800MHz).

The CPU frequency should be 133MHz (not 266).

The CPU ratio (more usually called multiplier) should be 11.5.

This gives a CPU speed of 1529.5MHz or thereabouts.

If the memory you're using is PC133 SDRAM, then the DRAM frequency should be 133MHz. If you use PC100, it should be 100MHz.

  adrian-204905 10:21 15 Mar 2004

but it keeps going to old setting of old cpu

  adrian-204905 15:14 15 Mar 2004

im running on m e iv fitted a new cpu athlon 1800 but it wont stay on setings goes to old setting processer clocl 1150mhz went into bios cpu pnpset up cpu ratio just as a squiggle and cpu speed is same how do i sort this manuel is no help i have little knolage on omputers so if you can help please put in simple terms please

  temp003 02:04 16 Mar 2004

Your current BIOS probably does not support the Athlon 1800+ (you probably have been suspecting this).

Found the UK PCChips website. click here

There are two different BIOS update file for your motherboard.

One is the file 030808s.exe. This applies to all M810 motherboards, all revisions except v7.1c

For M810 revision v7.1c, the BIOS file is 030513s.exe (it's called 030512s.rom on the site, but it's the same).

Looking at the release notes, any BIOS version with a date on or later than 020206 should support the Athlon 1800+.

You can probably see the BIOS version when the computer boots up or in BIOS setup itself. The motherboard revision number should appear somewhere on it (or on your manual).

If not sure about any of these, download and install Belarc Advisor. click here and have a look at your motherboard details. Another program you can try is Aida32 click here and download the personal System information version, and double click the aida32.exe file to get information on your computer.

The Revision 7.1c appears to be a more recent version of the motherboard, and I suspect yours is non-7.1c. But please double check.

  temp003 02:42 16 Mar 2004

Double check in BIOS setup, which company provides the BIOS, whether AMI or Award. I think it's AMI.

Assuming it's AMI, and assuming the right BIOS update file should be 030808s.exe:

In My Computer, double click your C drive.

If your computer does not show file extensions, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, and untick the box for "Hide file extensions for known file types". click OK.

click File, New, Folder, to create a new folder. Call the new folder bios - so just type bios over the words new folder and press Enter. The new folder is now called bios.

From the pcchips BIOS page, download the file aminf336.zip and choose save, browse to the c:\bios folder, and save the download there.

Download the right BIOS update file, say 030808s.exe, and save it to c:\bios folder.

Then in My Computer, double click the c:\bios folder, and double click the aminf336.zip file. If your computer has a zip program, the file should unzip itself. If you get asked where to unzip or extract to, just say "here", or to the folder c:\bios. It will unzip to a file called aminf336.exe. [Wherever it unzips to, it's the aminf336.exe file that you need.]

Double click the 030808s.exe file. It's self-extracting. You might be asked or given a choice of where to unzip to. Browse to the c:\bios folder and click Unzip. It will extract or unzip to the file 030808s.rom [Again wherever it unzips to, it's the file 030808s.rom you need.]

click here and download the DrDOS 7.x file (drdflash.exe) to anywhere on your computer. Get a new floppy. Double click the drdflash.exe file and you will be prompted to insert a floppy. The utility will create a DOS boot floppy for you. If it doesn't work the first time, click Retry.

Now copy the 2 files aminf336.exe and 030808s.rom to the A drive, your floppy.

After that, double click your A drive, and check that the 2 files are on the A drive.

On the pcchips BIOS link above, click the link to "How to update BIOS', and have a look at what you should expect.

Now with the floppy still inserted, restart computer and let computer boot from the floppy.

You should get to the A:\> prompt.

At the A prompt, type:

aminf336.exe 030808s.rom /soriginal.rom

and press Enter. [There is a space after exe, and a space after rom, no other spaces.]

This command should save the original bios to the file original.rom on the floppy. If it doesn't work, never mind.

After this, you should get back to the A prompt, type:

aminf336.exe 030808s.rom

and press Enter. A message should come up telling you whether you've got the right BIOS ROM file, and telling you to press Enter to continue flashing, or press ESC to stop.

If ROM file is correct, just press Enter to continue flashing the bios.

Wait patiently. It may take a little while, during which the computer doesn't seem to be doing anything. Do not type anything or do anything to the computer.

When the flashing is done, according to pcchips, the computer should restart. Once you see the computer restarting, go into BIOS setup, remove floppy, and see if the CPU settings are correct. If not, change the settings as before, save settings, and restart to see if it works.

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