pcchips to ECS K7s5a. is it worth swapping?

  second best 12:08 09 Feb 2003

i have a pcchips 810LMR mobo with a 1.1 amd athlon cpu. is it worth me upgrading my mobo to an ECS K7s5a, which onlt costs 50 quid. the spec seems a little better and the board has a good review.

  Pilch.... 12:26 09 Feb 2003

it is a rock steady board yet cheap with a fair bit of upgradability, taking chips pto XP2600 and also 333 DDR ram.

So if you wanted to have something for the future then i would suggest that!

  second best 12:41 09 Feb 2003

thnx pilch, but is there a noticable difference to my pcchips mobo, apart from the obvious ddr and higher chip spec. would it be worth me spending a little more money. i do lot of digital filmaking and photo's and all that, aswell as games. can you suggest a more suitable mobo. what is raid and is it worth concidering?

  Stuartli 14:00 09 Feb 2003

PC Chips (although now part of Elite) never had a particularly good reputation, especially with its bus speeds fiasco.

In contrast, Elite is the third oldest mobo manufacturer in the world and is renowned for keenly priced and very stable boards; it also produces other manufacturers' low cost boards on a rebadged basis.

My Elite P6BXT-A+ Slot1/Socket 370 board was acquired four years ago and has never missed a beat over that time whilst housing a slightly overclocked Celeron 400MHz processor.

  bob m 14:14 09 Feb 2003

hi all
lots of choices cant make my mind up,my prescent old setup still compises of a celeron 333 on an pc-chips mb,193m ram,13gighd and an 14"svga screen all around 6/8 yrs old.I use the net an awfull lot and wonder weather a upgrade is in order and give this old but reliable setup to my 13 yr old.Maybe try to build somthing or go into hock and be guided by the reviews within this site etc,or to upgrade to telewest broadband at around an extra £12/13 pounds per month.imm spoiled for choice,
Cash is a factor maybe a barebones kit etc from aria/dabs. cant make my mind up any thoughts

  bob m 14:17 09 Feb 2003

sorry folks

  hopeless1 15:36 09 Feb 2003

i have an elite mobogood all round but no agp stuck with 32 meg onboard graphics but runs well

  clayton 17:02 09 Feb 2003

How about this its £58 plus postage

click here

click here

  woodchip 17:09 09 Feb 2003

You would be better going for the ECS K7S6A but it does not support SDRAM only DDR but the boards cannot be compared it is a lot better £39.33 from click here

  clayton 17:45 09 Feb 2003

The MSI KT4V-L only takes DDR Memory i dont see the point in spending money on a motherboard that supports sdram, your trying to upgrade are you not ??

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