PCAdvisor Windows Upgrade Poll Query

  PlymouthLinux 17:28 15 Feb 2007

Why doesn't the poll to the left of the screen regarding when are readers intending to 'upgrade' to Windows Vista, not include an option for 'Never, I'm moving to a proper O.S. like Linux'?

  silverous 17:34 15 Feb 2007

Not wanting to get into a debate of Linux vs Windows which has been done to death here and elsewhere it might be sensible not to assume everyone has windows O/s and include an option for "None, I use another O/s".

  silverous 17:36 15 Feb 2007

Having said that...the question is about upgrade, and you can't upgrade if you use another O/s so don't participate in the poll as it isn't aimed at you.

PC Advisor and the FE are at liberty to target polls at any section they wish so I suppose on reflection they are implicitly asking "Of those upgrading or using windows currently......" and if you aren't then don't enter the poll.

If I ask "How many eggs are you eating today" and don't give an option for zero I can only be expecting answers from egg eaters :)

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