pcadvisor website getting even slower

  rsturbo 13:01 26 Feb 2015

i think the pcadvisor site is getting slower and slower is this my imagination or not? i have cable speed of around 80gb but the website seems to take ages to load in comparison with say similar content laden site such as bbc or others.

the adverts take ages to load and there is a definite lag in performance.

i realise the site is free and therefore needs to gain revenue

i am not complaining about the site just wondering if it can be sped up.

please let me know your thoughts

  tullie 13:23 26 Feb 2015

Its ok for me today.

  Belatucadrus 14:40 26 Feb 2015

It's odd as the page is open, looks complete and navigation is OK, but the page loading indicator on the tab just keeps going round and round for ages.

  alanrwood 15:54 26 Feb 2015

Yes, I think it is the adverts loading up in the background. When I log in I have to open the first group in a new tab in order to be able to back page for the later ones otherwise it reverts to an unrelated page that I viewed immediately prior to opening PCA. After the first page it loads and reverts no problem.

  rsturbo 22:26 07 Mar 2015

i think the answer is not faster broadband but better file compression to send data over internet. whoever cracks that will be very rich!

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