pcadvisor gone belly up this evening?

  grumpy-git 22:32 22 Oct 2013

Taken ages to log in. Wonder if it is working now?

  wee eddie 08:31 23 Oct 2013

Couldn't post this last night, been logged out and couldn't log in, and, at first attempt to log in this morning the Site did not recognise my email address. However achieved Log In after rebooting the PC, for another reason.

I think that FE is running out of explanations.

One sometimes wonders whether they have the right crew of Back-room Boys (and/or Girls, of course), there seem to be an awful lot of these little problems. These problems seem to be coming thick and fast.

  woodchip 09:56 23 Oct 2013

I also gave up last night, though I tried different browsers. Its getting to the point of me scrubbing the Bookmark from my Browsers

  Pine Man 10:36 23 Oct 2013

Even when the PCA site is 'working', and I use that term in it's loosest sense, I rarely, if ever, get any email notifications of subscriptions to posts.

I use an awful lot of web sites for banking, shopping, utilities and other forums but over the last few months this site has got to be the worst and most unreliable of them all.

It's unbelievable that it's actually run by, or on behalf of, a computer magazine.

  spuds 11:38 23 Oct 2013

Stop moaning, because that is what you will be accused of doing?.

I am beginning to use the PCA website far less nowadays, because not only just the "Waiting for" or "Server Error/Overload" and now "Server Exceptions" problems, I also seem to get logged-out, if I leave this website unattended for some time. I get the impression that there is a 'timed out' or possibly a contention problem. But as yet, I have not received any responses to any enquiries that I have made?.

Perhaps the PCA forum website is now taking far to many resources, and that is why it seems to be getting rather neglected or appears so?.

  iscanut 11:58 23 Oct 2013

It is taking ages to bring the site up and I really feel like giving up, having struggled with the forums lack of speed and response. I know that the FE has posted many times about the site and its problems, but these problems seem to be getting worse not better. I agree that it is by far the worse site that I use. BUT I will carry on for a while to see if there is an improvement. Quite often after an age, all I get is pages of coding rather than the actual web site ! Have been trying for ages to post this and getting timed out. Will try again !

  wee eddie 12:50 23 Oct 2013

Look: This is a great Site and has an interesting Community, to boot.

However, I feel that most of us, that use it regularly, would like to be able to use it without an AD-Blocker and that the problems that currently afflict the Site would go away.

Most of us, I believe, complain in order to make FE aware of these problems rather than as a last hurrah before leaving.

  spuds 13:00 23 Oct 2013

wee eddie

I agree entirely with your last paragraph, but as you may have well noticed, some of the more frequent poster's are now showing their support by their absence in posting any further?.

On a point of curiosity, I have just made a number of attempts to open a new question and post in Helproom, and I just cannot post,it appears to refuse to do so, yet I seem to be still able to respond to some already existing posts. Perhaps another problem in the making, or something to do with the one hour thing that's been introduced?.

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