PCAdvisor Cover Disc. Sept. " DVD Magic" !!!

  [DELETED] 21:21 06 Aug 2003

Am I getting past it or is this latest full program, DVD Magic, the most complicated cover disc that PCA has ever produced.

If anyone has had any success in installing it, perhaps they would tell me how.

It looked very promising on paper but the fact is that, it cannot be found. No Reference to it
in the installer, comment about a second program
which will install at the same time ? Disolving
dialogue boxes, etc. etc. I gave up after 5 attempts. Do you think I may have a duff disc ?

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Help.

  [DELETED] 21:31 06 Aug 2003
  [DELETED] 11:21 08 Aug 2003

Thanks VoG. Read all that lot on the link.

As I suspected, it's crap.

Do we get our Money Back for the Mag ? this was the only reason I bought it. Wait til they contact me again about subscription !!

  [DELETED] 11:33 08 Aug 2003

I managed to get it to work but I am not impressed with the program at all. Very slow (took 4.5 hours for a 1.5 hour dvd), can't pause while converting. Good job it was a FREE program not one that I had paid full price for. Would you only subscribe to this mag for the free discs? What about the fact that you are using possibly the best help forum on the net, which has to be paid for somehow.

  [DELETED] 22:47 08 Aug 2003

I've had problems too, to be fair it installed ok and will rip to "temp" file ok (this could be found on the hard drive - again go quality video however I suspect ever so slightly out of sink on the audio) but when propmted to insert blank CDR in drive G it failed to recognise a blank cd had been inserted....

I too could not find any reference to the program on the cosmi site, and I too only bought the mag for this program.

I have a AMD 2500, 1 gb ram, asus a78nx mobo, 120gb western digital hdd, radeon gfx, pioneer dvd and tdk cd writer.

  [DELETED] 16:20 09 Aug 2003

To Smiler.

Thanks for the response.

Forget the program, I have been a long time
subscription customer for PCA and have used the Forum on countless ocassions. Your right, it is the best - however, I terminated my sub about 3 months ago, having had very little, if any success with various cover discs. So feel
justified in commenting about "DVD Magic", which
on the face of it, looked like a very promising
Freebie. I consider that my knuckles have been
severly rapped and I shall now get into my sack
cloth and ashes for a day or two and hide in the
cellar. !!

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