PCAdvisor Competition

  Embezzler 19:22 23 Apr 2003

I'm just wondering whether anyone in here has ever won a PCAdisor Comp?


  Ivor_Monkey 19:29 23 Apr 2003

isn't that a bit like wondering whether the Pope is Jewish?


  doctor-al 20:18 23 Apr 2003

No people. The pope is Polish... dark tan i think, maybe oxblood, could even be dubbin.

  Murray 20:35 23 Apr 2003

still waiting for that huge pile of laptops, printers, graphics cards, and piles of software I had my heart set on when I entered all those competitions long ago.

Still, someones got to win it I s'pose...

  mcullum_DX4Life 21:04 23 Apr 2003

I won one last year sometime along with a few other people on this website. The competition was for top posters or something similar to that i seem to recall. I won the game Blood Omen II which was the top 10 prize :-)

  Belatucadrus 02:27 24 Apr 2003

Yes I got a Siemens scanner pen a year or so back, despite many entries on this and other sites the really big win eludes me.

  Offline 04:00 24 Apr 2003

I won a Cd case. Erm you can be Polish & Jewish too.

  doctor-al 19:40 24 Apr 2003

Thats a good one. A Jewish pope at the head of the Roman Catholic church. Confusion abounds

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