PCA is your clock fast or am i slow?

  hugh-265156 23:32 03 Nov 2004

when i post or reply to a posting the time of posting listed in the helproom is always about 2 - 3 mins ahead of my time displayed in the taskbar regardless of the server i use to keep my time synchronised, windows.com or nist.gov. same thing with atomic clock sync. anybody else notice this?

its not a problem and i am going to tick this shortly but i am just curious. ta.

  hugh-265156 23:33 03 Nov 2004


read as 'when i reply to a posting'

  kev.Ifty 23:34 03 Nov 2004


Check the time.......... now

  hugh-265156 23:36 03 Nov 2004


  kev.Ifty 23:52 03 Nov 2004

I'd say...

Last one 23:48

  Djohn 23:57 03 Nov 2004

As I post!

  hugh-265156 00:01 04 Nov 2004

cheers folks was just curious. 23.56

  MattW 00:07 04 Nov 2004

12.02 yet pca claims 12.06. can i have my 4 virtual minutes back mr forum editor please?

  hugh-265156 00:18 04 Nov 2004

its always been like this as far back as i can remember. which isnt very long :-)

who cares i guess, back to helping people with real problems, thanks folks.

  smokingbeagle 00:34 04 Nov 2004


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