PCA website shutdown causes BSOD

  Snrub 01:15 09 Jan 2012

I downloaded the PCA icon quick link which places the PCA icon in my taskbar. Clicking on it opens the dedicated PCA website in IE9 with disabled toolbars (menu bar and my favourites disabled). If for instance I browse Helproom and click on say several links this opens several tabbed windows. When I have finished browsing and try to close down the PCA website by clicking the red X box in the top right hand corner a small box pops up center screen, with the choice of either shutting down all tabs or the present one. Before I can move the mouse pointer on screen to select a box the computer crashes with BSOD, This has happened several times now but never experience the problem when I shut down the normal IE9 with toolbars showing. Is there an explanation for this and have other PCA users experienced this fault?

  Snrub 02:25 09 Jan 2012

Reading further on the subject I believe this is a 'Pinned Site' feature in IE9 where if a favicon is moved from the favourites bar to the taskbar it opens a dedicted site such as the PCA dedicated site. Presumably my problem relates to closing down any IE9 dedicated pinned site and not specifically related just to the PCA site although havn't tried this because PCA is only site I have pinned. It only happens when multiple tabs require shutdown. Any ideas please?

  birdface 07:40 09 Jan 2012

Remove it maybe.

  Snrub 09:13 09 Jan 2012

Yes thanks buteman that's an option but curious why its happening and if others have same problem. May be a glitch in W7 'Pinned Sites' or related to my computer?

  Snrub 09:21 09 Jan 2012

Forgot to mention after BSOD crash if I start windows normally the computer just crashes again with BSOD. What I have to do to get W7 running again is to run start up in safe mode with networking and run Ccleeaner, shut down and restore, then all back to normal. So it seems to be some temporary internet (corrupt)file which the windows7 is shutting down to protect the computer? Don't know!

  birdface 09:32 09 Jan 2012

Maybe after one of those crashes it may not start again in safe mode, I would be tempted to remove it then wait and see if any feedback on it.

I have the Helproom as my home page so do not use the PCA icon quick link,

I have not heard of any complaints about it so far but maybe you are the only one using it.

Maybe a quick E-mail to the FE to see if there have been any problems reported. No doubt they would lookinto it to see if they could replicate the problem that you have.

  Snrub 10:06 09 Jan 2012

Have now removed 'Pinned Site' PCA Icon from taskbar and returned to opening PCA via normal PCA Icon in my favourite toolbar. Thinking that this problem is related to 'Pinned Site' function rather than PCA specific problem. Will mark as resolved even though technically it isn't.

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