PCA website painfully slow

  Pineman100 19:35 06 Dec 2008

Windows XP, IE7

For the past three days the PCA website has suddenly become incredibly slow to load. Quite frequently it's been so slow that it's ground to a halt before fully appearing on my screen, while at other times I've had a strange kind of "typescript" version of the home page. In fact, this is the first time that I've been able to visit the site properly (even though it's still desperately slow) since Wednesday.

Has anyone else suffered this? If not, can anyone suggest a solution, please? I don't seem to be having the problem with any other websites.

  muddypaws 19:39 06 Dec 2008

OK here and I have actually just fitted a new modem today and it loaded on this occasion in 2 seconds.
So it could be your server. I'm on Tiscali.

  woodchip 19:43 06 Dec 2008

Seems okay tonight hear on my XP Laptop, may be your server or rout its taking

I have just checked my speed click here

Download 6839kbps
upload 618kbps

PS I am on a talktalk 8mb service

  Clapton is God 19:50 06 Dec 2008

I agree with you - but I've had this problem for about a week now.

Like you, other sites are fine.

My average download speed is around 5.2MB (tested several times today) with Tiscali, so it's not a BB or modem problem.

  woodchip 19:57 06 Dec 2008

Try using refresh button a few times

  Clapton is God 20:01 06 Dec 2008

"Try using refresh button a few times"

Which only slows loading down even more

  Terry Brown 20:23 06 Dec 2008

Try cleaning the waste from your system by the following method:

From My Computer, open to show drives, Right click on your main drive (Normally C), select properties, select disk cleanup.
This will clear all temp , and wasted space from your system.

  alB 21:16 06 Dec 2008

Same here for me, takes ages to load, all other sites are fine ...alB

  Clapton is God 21:31 06 Dec 2008

I prefer to use CCleaner - which I did this morning. It's rather more efficient at performing the same tasks (and more) than Disk Cleanup

  Pineman100 09:17 07 Dec 2008

Thanks for your responses, everyone. Interesting that some of you regulars have had the same problem as me.

However, having just clicked on the link in my PCA email, I found it completely back to normal.

This problem has cropped up occasionally in the past, and I've always assumed that it was down to site maintenance, or something like that. But it's never lasted 4 days before.

Oh well. At least my withdrawal symptoms havenw departed!

  Pineman100 09:17 07 Dec 2008

"..have now departed.."

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