SEASHANTY 19:39 21 Oct 2003

This page layout was fine as it was and now you have changed it again. It was ok this morning, yesterday and the day before. Now it has changed again. I was using Mozilla with 200% zoom which meant that the maion central threrad showed perfectly in the centre of my TFT screen. Now the end bits are cut off again and I am having to use the slider bar to see the end bits of the main thread. Why did you not leave well alone?

  SEASHANTY 19:41 21 Oct 2003

No wonder my typing is all to hell - I am really cheesed off - for want of a better word.

  Djohn 19:44 21 Oct 2003

Just change your browser settings back to normal and the full glory of the new site will display on your monitor without any side scrolling. It does look excellent now and is very pleasant to use. j.

  PA28 19:45 21 Oct 2003

Reduce the zoom for Pete' sake. We've all been saying that the new layout was too narrow down the middle. They're listening and getting it right to preserve our poor mice's (?) scroll wheels. You can't please everyone!

  SEASHANTY 19:54 21 Oct 2003

Don't agree with your comments so far. I happen to like just reading the central thread and I prefer this to be in a font size I can tread without squinting at. I DO NOT care about the side panels. Many elderly persons prefer large text - I take my specs off to read and for once - only once - this site was perfectly set up. Many agreed with the new layout. You too may agree when you get a little older!

  Forum Editor 20:02 21 Oct 2003

the results of a recent quick poll, a sizeable majority of our forum users are middle-aged, or approaching middle age.

Most of the adverse comment that came our way when we did the redesign was directed at the narrow window setting, so we listened, and we've changed it.

I personally think it's much better - in fact I think the site looks better now than ever before. I'm sorry you don't agree, but we plan to stick with the wider setting.

  PA28 20:10 21 Oct 2003

Agreed. Looks good and is now (generally) working well. Continuous feed paper despatched to the bin! J

  Taran 20:19 21 Oct 2003

Leave well alone.

The site is the bees knees as it is now.

In fact, it's never looked better.


  Dr. Charles(retired now) 20:24 21 Oct 2003

You have much more information - -at a glance.

You can home on information much quicker I think. Well done PCA


  SEASHANTY 20:24 21 Oct 2003

You have hit the nail on the head. Many of your forum readers are old. In my case approaching 70. The narrow central thread could be expanded to just leave the central thread filling the screen with large text on the Mozilla browser. This was ideal. Now you have changed it again I (and no doubt several others who had adjusted to this site) will now have to use the slider bar again with large text sizes. You are pandering to the younger element again.

  Djohn 20:26 21 Oct 2003

As Taran says, the site is now looking better than ever and I think it would take some extremely hard work to improve the layout.

Nothing is ever 100% to all people, but this forum is now very close. As I mentioned above, reduce your browser settings back to normal and give it a day or two for you to adjust. I think you will like it too.

Regards. j.

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