PCA web browser toolbar

  exdragon 07:49 29 Jun 2009

I've got this up and running on my XP desktop, but am tryng to also get it on my Vista laptop. I've downloaded it (a couple of times) but although it's listed (twice) in View>Toolbars, it doesn't appear when ticked.

All that happens is that an empty blue toolbar under the address bar appears or disappears when the PCA toolbar is selected or deselected.

I'd quite like to have the radio back.

  exdragon 13:06 29 Jun 2009

No takers for this one?

  exdragon 09:10 05 Jul 2009

Sorry to dig this up again, but perhaps over the past few days someone who has logged in recently may have an ides.

It's very frustrating!

  Simsy 09:13 05 Jul 2009

but which browser are you using?
I know it doesn't work in "Chrome", as it doesn't support any toolbars... and I think, (but I'm not sure), that it doesn't work in Opera.



  exdragon 09:26 05 Jul 2009

I'm using Firefox, as I am on the desktop - which may be out of action for a bit longer. It went off to have a new motherboard fitted and apparently when it was switched on, smoke suddenly appeared... Luckily, the plug was pulled before it burst into flames!

  exdragon 09:47 05 Jul 2009

That's odd, I can get it on IE, but no luck with Radio 2 or 4, though a few random stations are ok, as is World Service - although the time check has just been given as 22.00 hrs GMT.

Still no sign of it appearing on Firefox, though.

  Sea Urchin 10:18 05 Jul 2009

Probably a silly question, but presumably you did download the version for Firefox?

  exdragon 11:15 05 Jul 2009

Thanks for the prod, Sea Urchin, I uninstalled it via Control Panel then while re-installing, realised I hadn't allowed FF to install it...

Ho hum, old age. Still can't get the radio to work though

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