Bagsey 09:44 06 Jun 2011

Can someone please tell me what are the good points of this new page layout. I have been visiting this PCA forum for more than nine years and have had a lot of help and pleasure from it, but I have to say that the new layout is driving me away. I would very much appreciate it if someone could tell me what is good about the new design.

  Nontek 09:58 06 Jun 2011

Many of us are not happy with the new design, but that is 'Progress'. I hated it at first, but am getting used to it now, at least it is back up to speed since the latest improvement to the Server on Saturday.

There again, I don't like the 'improved' Firefox4 so have reverted to FF3.6 - I don't like the 'improved' Incredimail2 and have reverted to Incredimail, the original - I don't like the 'improved' Logitech webcam software and again reverted to the earlier version .... and so it goes on, unfortunately it is not possible to revert to the old familiar PCA site - that is progress!

I guess all will be healed in time as we get used to the new PCA.

  onthelimit1 10:05 06 Jun 2011

I don't like Office 2007 or 2010, so have gone back to 2003. But, I am slowly getting used to the new PCA layout which matches many other forum designs.

  wee eddie 10:21 06 Jun 2011

Nontec: No it is not Progress.

It is one of the joys of having an R&D Department (The Department has several alternative names, but Research & Development was the most common) but it consists of a small group of people, being paid grossly inflated salaries, feeling that they must do something to justify their existence.

  lotvic 10:37 06 Jun 2011

Although I was happy with the old site I am getting used to this new pca site.

Comparing it with other forums this one is far simpler to navigate and read threads. There are still a few tweaks to be put into action but now that it's on the new server there are far less problems with posting.

Now if only I could get properly to grips with W7 before they release W8.... I find I am increasingly going back to XP to do stuff as that is more familiar to me, (I have 2 separate HDD's and connect whichever one I want to use - XP or W7)

Maybe I should get out more ;)

  birdface 11:09 06 Jun 2011

Progress is when you go forward and things get better.Apart from it looking better I would say the older version was more user friendly.

Is there anything in this version that works better than the old version.I have not came across any but no doubt someone will give me a list of improvements.I know a few things on the old version that work better than what we have on the new version and they will say thats progress.

It may be an age thing and maybe the younger members prefer the new style, and maybe when all the problems have been sorted it may help.

It was a massive leap from what we were used to and if there were a choice I would still be using the old version.

As the FE says we will get used to it through time.I am not so sure, If anything drops out of the first page I don't bother looking for it anymore, And My Posts and Search leave a lot to be desired.

This is only my view and I would like to give a glowing report on the new version but at the moment all I can say is it looks better.[Well not quite it is still to bright or white for me]maybe because of my poorish eyesight.

Mind you I had a good moan at the last Web site update with the black sides never did like that.

All the staff must have put an awful lot of work into the new design and have done a great job but maybe to many changes at the same time have made it a bit awkward understanding how the changes actually worked.

So what I am saying was the old version was much easier for me to use but I am probably in the minority so just a matter of getting used to it I suppose.

  RussB78 11:32 06 Jun 2011

While I am on this site I drag the right hand side of my browser in to cut out all the adverts, that works very well for me on any of the forums.

Just adjust my browser when I leave this site, great!

  birdface 11:36 06 Jun 2011


You don't have to drag the sides in just click on the minimize button or restore down button at the top next to the red X and just maximize when finished.

  Graphicool1 12:07 06 Jun 2011

My thoughts on this matter...

We liked the old PCA because it was the 'OLD PCA' warm, familiar and comfortable. PCA apparently thought that was as good a reason as any to move onward, if not quite yet upward. Wether or not it can be called progress is a different matter entirely. I'll leave others to be the judge of that. But what I can say is, just because something is new, that doesn't automatically make it better, just different.

The real reason that this site has hitherto been so successful is all about those familiar names that gave their time and knowledge for free, to help others. What the site looked like and how it performed wasn't the catalyst that made it the success it has become. That was brought about by the faceless ones, with names that have become synonymous with PCA.

What we have to hope is that the other helpers who haven't been seen lately, haven't been frightened away by the changes. Because that would be a travesty for all concerned.

  RussB78 12:29 06 Jun 2011

buteman, thanks for your post but what you say does only minimize and maximize the browser as it always did, it does not hide the adverts like pulling in the right hand side of the browser does.



  birdface 13:13 06 Jun 2011


Ok It does using W/7 just thought that they would all be the same.

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