PCA very Frustrating

  woodchip 13:59 16 Dec 2009

One minute is running like the clappers, next it will not change pages no matter how many time I click Refresh. This is on any of my computers. Just stops as if its dropped dead

  Ventad 13:38 17 Dec 2009

Was the site down for the last 20 minutes or so, I could not get to it time-out.

  woodchip 18:55 18 Dec 2009

Today for me its about as much good as a chocolate bobby. got script tured off but it hardly moving

  bremner 21:40 18 Dec 2009

The site has clearly been having difficulties today.

On top of the slow loading there have a fair number of instances of postings being out of order and the times being several minutes out.

  woodchip 21:43 18 Dec 2009

I get about 6meg wireless on a 8meg speed

  woodchip 22:22 18 Dec 2009

May have found the Problem Windows update as set Windows Firewall to ON on this new Netbook. Will see how ir works now I have turned it off. No its just as bad with it turned off

  Forum Editor 23:26 18 Dec 2009

What is interesting to note - and I don't in any way mean this to sound like a personal slight - is that if I go back through the archive and look at all the threads and posts complaining about the site performing badly, your name crops up more often by far than any other person.

Do you think there might be some ongoing local internet issue that's affecting you? Since you started this thread I've tried the site on every computer I've used, and I've used quite a few - in clients' offices, on the road with my laptop, and even from a hotel room in France, and not once have I been able to duplicate the problems you seem to be having. I don't doubt for a moment that you're having trouble - it's just that I can't duplicate it.

  woodchip 14:13 19 Dec 2009

No IDEA as I get a good download Speed on any of my Computers using Talk Talk on a 8Meg download speed I get anything between 5 to 6.5meg download. will Just check noe on this Samsung Netbook Using it Wireless

Download speed is a little lower at the moment
5120 kbps
Upload speed 771kbps

I do not consider that Slow

And its the same on my HP Laptop
Two XP Desktops and Desktop Dual Booted running 98se and thats just the same. So its got to be something between me and PCA site as I do not get the problem with other sites

also got Java Script Turned off if I turn it on I have a problem logging into PCA as I clear all my Net Traces when I shut down No Firewall only AV running. So what else could it be.
Thanks for looking

  woodchip 14:24 19 Dec 2009

Just had to do a walkabout while last post was added, it took that long

  woodchip 14:29 19 Dec 2009

Just had to do a walkabout while last post was added, it took that long.

PS I have all computers setup in Clasic Mode even XP. But its no go and getting very Frustrating Have difficulty Posting, and if I try to post a new Thread that’s just like shooting myself in the foot. I wonder if there is a Program that I can check where the slow down is, Just tried IE8 on this Netbook and I cannot get in as Java Cript as not been turned off

  woodchip 15:55 19 Dec 2009

Just come back and its very fast, terned Java bak on and still loading, as if its been tuned. So WHY?

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