PCA update email?

  stalion 12:16 14 Aug 2004

received a email from pca advisor regarding update no612082 to speed up your computer anyone else received this?

  rawprawn 12:22 14 Aug 2004

Not me, you must be honoured.

  stalion 12:28 14 Aug 2004

I have emailed F.E. concerning this

  spuds 12:31 14 Aug 2004

More details required. Is this a spoof. Contact the forum editor for information.

  Stuartli 13:00 14 Aug 2004

Delete I would think - never, ever had e-mails from PCA in several years...:-)

  Stuartli 13:02 14 Aug 2004

That got posted before I finished...

If you have the Preview Pane disabled in OE - should be a permanent choice - you can highlight the e-mail, right click on it and read the header.

Clicking on the Message Source allows you to read the message; if you are not happy, keep Cancelling and then, whilst the message is still highlighted, Delete using the Toobar button.

  stalion 13:03 14 Aug 2004

I have taken no action with the email,a company is useing pca name to send this

  rawprawn 13:57 14 Aug 2004

The thing that worries me is how they knew that you visit PCA, and would therefore be more likely to open it and be less on your guard. they can't get the address from this forum unless you want to disclose it, or am I being niaive

  stalion 14:00 14 Aug 2004

who knows I have had no connection with this company and no dealings with them whatsoever

  Graham ® 14:10 14 Aug 2004

Is it someone who has used the email facility on this site?

  rawprawn 14:35 14 Aug 2004

If you have emailed FE, has he, or you for that matter any idea what update no612082 is. I did a quick search but found nothing. Just a thought, is it anything to do with the other PCA site that was I think in Singapore or Hong Kong about 6/9 months ago, I know some people from this forum visited and registered there out of interest, but I don't know what happened to it.

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