PCA Trial Partion Magic and Drive Image

  Nessie 22:25 15 Sep 2003

I am going to partition 2 hd's and install xp on the first, as a dual boot with win98 and have data on the 2nd. Can any one tell me how long th trial is with the above products and in particular what happens with partion magic if i want to take it off as i assum that if I use it it would not be easy to uninstall if I had a dual boot HD created by it. Help please. Cheers

  powerless 22:27 15 Sep 2003

They do not allow you to make any changes.

You can parttion using FDISK or XP setup.

  Nessie 22:43 15 Sep 2003

xp set up will destroy my win 98 on hd if i install xp over it

  powerless 22:45 15 Sep 2003

Ah, my fault.

Thought you were starting all over.

leo will tell you more.

I've only Demo'd!

  leo49 22:56 15 Sep 2003

Do I take you've now changed your plans from

click here

and now want to put XP on your first HDD?

If so see this page here:[hover your mouse over the headings on the left for info]

click here

  Nessie 23:08 15 Sep 2003

I have been told that I would be better on the same hd. I will have to use partion magic if I do not want to lose my data as at present only havr 1 partition on hd with 98

  leo49 23:13 15 Sep 2003

Can't you move all your data from your 1st HDD onto your 2nd first? Then you could install XP on the first.You can do that without Partition Magic although PM/BM does make life simpler as I don't trust the Windows bootloader

  Nessie 23:27 15 Sep 2003

If I have win98 on the 1st drive on a single partion i wont be able to load up xp on it without alot of hassle. it dosn't matter wgere the data is

  leo49 23:48 15 Sep 2003

Sorry nessie, you've got to do some reading on this so that you can understand what you're being told. The click here under dualbooting in your original thread from AL.D tells you how to do it without Partition Magic.If you can't get your head around it then you're going to run into problems.

  leo49 00:11 16 Sep 2003

Quite honestly I think you'd be much better off using Partition Magic as it makes it so much easier all round.

  LastChip 00:17 16 Sep 2003

It doesn't matter where you put XP!

So, as a work around, why don't you put all your data that you need from the second hard drive, on to the first. Then, partition and format the second to taste.

However many partitions you decide upon, will determine their drive letters, BUT, the way Windows works, the FIRST partition on your SECOND hard drive, will always be "D" at the partitioning stage. (It can be reassigned a different letter later in XP if desired).

Now install XP to "D" and it will automatically create a dual boot capability, providing you follow the instructions during installation.

Personally, I have not found any problem with using the Windows default boot loader. It's not very pretty, but works efficiently in most cases. Once you know your way around the syntax, it's also easy to modify in the future.

If you are unsure how to partition and format in DOS, click here

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