PCA still not Right

  woodchip 21:19 14 Jun 2003

Is anybody having any Probs yet, As I have two Page Tab for PCA one for Help Forum other My Postings After I post to a thread and then click the back button it takes me to the Logon, It's a nuisance

  watchful 21:29 14 Jun 2003

How did you get it to show as the above?

Have you had to re-register?

Just curious - I can't do the TM or the Reg.thingy.

  spuds 21:32 14 Jun 2003

Still having 'Microsoft Solutions' pop-up on initial connection to PCA,before login.Click on 'Close'on pop-up, seems to leave blank white page with 'Done' in taskbar.Problem then, to get into login page.Eventually able to get into login page, by going through one of the links ie ConsumerWatch or Helproom.

  woodchip 21:40 14 Jun 2003

Been using it for a bit, I have just closed the My Postings Tab at the top Edge of Page and recreated a new one hopefully it will have cleared the old History. How are you finding WordPerfect 2002. Just interested as I would not use anything else really there?s nothing to touch it

  woodchip 21:44 14 Jun 2003

PS I turned that auto thing?y off as I am not that disabled although I have gout in right knee at the moment

  woodchip 21:47 14 Jun 2003

Try Opera you will not have as many blank pages to look at

  woodchip 21:49 14 Jun 2003

As it been raining down your end today

  watchful 21:52 14 Jun 2003

It looks quite distinguished. Just as good as tm.
Does that mean you type in a code for the desired symbol?

  woodchip 22:03 14 Jun 2003

We had some friends up yesterday and did the same thing but not much smoke Electric Barbecue It's been a Nice day up hear but as you see above I am having some probs with my knee. I started Sorting the Front Calipers and Flecs Hoses on Caravete Thurs, and at Tea time I just felt I had been kicked in the knee. Prob half that not spelt right

  hugh-265156 22:18 14 Jun 2003

im still getting errors asking if im looking for strewth

  woodchip 22:22 14 Jun 2003

One word not bad going

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