PCA still not Right

  woodchip 21:19 14 Jun 2003

Is anybody having any Probs yet, As I have two Page Tab for PCA one for Help Forum other My Postings After I post to a thread and then click the back button it takes me to the Logon, It's a nuisance

  VoG® 21:24 14 Jun 2003

It also will not display my beloved TM or the Euro symbol (not worried about the latter).

  watchful 21:29 14 Jun 2003

How did you get it to show as the above?

Have you had to re-register?

Just curious - I can't do the TM or the Reg.thingy.

  Pesala 21:30 14 Jun 2003

Hi Woodchip. Are you trying out Opera by some chance? Opera has two buttons on the main toolbar. The first double-arrow is rewind, not back, which takes you back to the first page you opened. The second button is the back button.

Check the Tool Tip that pops up when you hover the mouse over the button, to see the address it will take you too. If I click the rewind button, it takes me back to the log on screen too.

If it really irritates you, and you cannot get used to it, right-click on the rewind button, and choose "Remove from toolbar." I got used it quite quickly. You can move the buttons around very easily, with customize toolbars.

  Valvegrid 21:30 14 Jun 2003

? ? Just testing

  Valvegrid 21:30 14 Jun 2003

No it doesn't work.

  spuds 21:32 14 Jun 2003

Still having 'Microsoft Solutions' pop-up on initial connection to PCA,before login.Click on 'Close'on pop-up, seems to leave blank white page with 'Done' in taskbar.Problem then, to get into login page.Eventually able to get into login page, by going through one of the links ie ConsumerWatch or Helproom.

  VoG® 21:33 14 Jun 2003

Just changed in "Update my details". I didn't want to, but felt that VoG® looked better than VoG?

I did think of changing it to something slanderous/blasphemous to get PCA's attention but decided against it!

I did post a thread about this but I asked "Contact Moderator" to remove it when it degenerated and the FE kindly obliged.

  Pesala 21:37 14 Jun 2003

Watchful®, click on Update Details on the yellow bar at the top. The code page has been changed to ISO-8859-1, which does not contain the Euro or the TM symbols. I think it used to be Windows 1252, which does include them. click here to see all the characters in ISO-8859-1 or any other code page.

  woodchip 21:40 14 Jun 2003

Been using it for a bit, I have just closed the My Postings Tab at the top Edge of Page and recreated a new one hopefully it will have cleared the old History. How are you finding WordPerfect 2002. Just interested as I would not use anything else really there?s nothing to touch it

  VoG® 21:40 14 Jun 2003

Thank you for that but it doesn't help unless PCA change their encoding. It isn't the end of the world; I'll cope!

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