PCA Site is too slow

  Woolwell 11:27 21 Nov 2011

Seems to be running in thick treacle this morning. I'm giving up until much later today.

  cocteau48 12:05 21 Nov 2011

Yup ... progress indeed!

PCA is becoming one of the worst sites that I know for being up and down like the proverbial; yo-yo.

Never used to be like this.

  CFC23 12:48 21 Nov 2011

I agree,don't use it much these days because it's so slow. Glad it's not just me.

  HondaMan 12:53 21 Nov 2011

And there I was thinking it was my computer !

  sharpamat 13:12 21 Nov 2011

Useing IE8 and IE10 and I dont have any problems with Speed

  Picklefactory 13:48 21 Nov 2011

Using IE8 and not too painfully slow, but still one of the slowest sites I visit regularly.

  birdface 16:03 21 Nov 2011

Could not get on recently but looks like it is working again.

Waiting for Media 1 is what I was getting with Firefox.

  birdface 16:04 21 Nov 2011

Nope still fairly crap.

  CFC23 16:49 21 Nov 2011

Makes no difference which browser I try the site is still slow.

I am on LLU with about 18meg download speed and dont't get the problem with other sites.

  Woolwell 18:44 21 Nov 2011

It's speeded up again.

  birdface 13:51 22 Nov 2011

Still slow loading up for me today.

But not as bad as yesterday.

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