PCA Site - Old Page still available

  Sir Radfordin 16:09 29 Oct 2003

click here

The custom 404 page is still the old style!

  john-232317 16:13 29 Oct 2003

No stirring now...;-)

  Djohn 16:19 29 Oct 2003

How did you manage to dig that one up? Sir Rad. ;o)

  Lionheart ♥ 16:28 29 Oct 2003

Got that myself today when I went to read a thread.

  woodchip 16:32 29 Oct 2003

I have had that once but the forum is hanging on every page not loading fully

  Smiler 17:05 29 Oct 2003

I had a problem accessing a page earlier and ended up with the 404 page that Sir Radfordin mentions. PCA probably haven't had time to update this page yet with all the other problems and suggetsions from everyone. :-)

  Patr100 17:16 29 Oct 2003


  MidgetMan 18:55 29 Oct 2003

This is absolutely outrageous, I shall be writing to the Times.!!!

  Forum Editor 18:57 29 Oct 2003

to fall on my sword.

  keenan 19:04 29 Oct 2003

How about a joust with 'Sir Radfordin'

  rev.bem 19:11 29 Oct 2003

Hving had the week you've had you will probably miss....:-)

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