PCA site and my Firefox browser

  johndrew 18:08 22 Nov 2006

If I`ve missed a post and this is duplicated, sorry.

When I browse to this site with Firefox I get a list of text instead of the usual pages. Other sites are fine.

Is it me or is there a problem?

If it is me, can anyone provide a clue as to what I have done and how to correct it?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  octal 18:22 22 Nov 2006

There is no problem using my FF.

Are you using v2.0? has this just started happening, or has it been happening all the time?

It could be a problem with you Profile Folder, this site shows it's location click here I have had problems with it before getting corrupted, first back up your bookmarks then delete the folder.

  octal 18:23 22 Nov 2006

I should have added also reinstall Firefox and it build a new Profile folder.

  Belatucadrus 18:35 22 Nov 2006

Try clearing the Cache.

  skidzy 18:35 22 Nov 2006

As Per Octal,have you ran Advanced Windowscare v2 ?

If like me,i ran this live (browser open) it changed something with my Firefox.
You should have a backup made within AWC,and if i remember correctly called restore.

If not uninstall FF and run Ccleaner and reboot/reinstall FF2 from click here

  johndrew 19:02 22 Nov 2006

Thanks for coming back so quickly people. To answer your questions and update you:

Yes I`m using v2.0 and it started happening today.

I downloaded Firefox again and installed it over the top (as I did when I updated). I saved my Profile folder before doing so.

I have not run Advanced Windowscare v2 due to the problems mentioned by others. I ran Ccleaner some days ago with no problems after (I run Ccleaner about once every 10 days or so).

Having reinstalled FF2, it seems to be up and running again. Interesting though because this was the only site affected. PC World, PC Answers and several others I use regularly were fine. Can see no reason for the problem but will run my Malware checks in case!!!!!!

Many thanks once again.

  woodchip 19:04 22 Nov 2006

Delete the Profile in Netscape, It will create a new one, But you will have to do your settings again

  johndrew 21:16 22 Nov 2006


I have access to it through Firefox but I use the site only rather than anything else.

If there is a Profile where will I find it?

  woodchip 22:35 22 Nov 2006

Well FireFoX

  woodchip 22:36 22 Nov 2006

It is based on Netscape, That's where it started it's days. I use Netscape. Also use Netscape 8.1.2 Firefox and IE rolled into one

  Woolwell 23:57 22 Nov 2006

Occasionally when using IE7 I also get a page of text for this site's home page. Usually a refresh will sort it out. I suspect that the problem lies with the fact that the site is busy.

Sorry I haven't given a real answer to your problem which seems to occur every time.

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