As PCA site been changed

  woodchip 12:20 17 Sep 2012

As it changed? as my Browser screen for this site is not what it used to be. I now have to scroll the screen sideways, and did not have to before. Resolution 1024x768

  woodchip 12:29 17 Sep 2012

PS Its only this site that I get the problem with and it will not fully load, everything seems to have come to a grinding halt

  spuds 12:30 17 Sep 2012

Different browser's seem to give different results at times on this website.

What browser are you using?.

  woodchip 12:35 17 Sep 2012

I use the same browser on different Computers and Laptop plus Netbook. Its Flock that's not supported now, uses old Firefox 2 engine. on this Desktop I dual Boot Win98se and XP Home and its the same on both OS's

  lotvic 14:14 17 Sep 2012

On my Firefox, I have noticed pca is a different width (wider) once I scroll down and the new top red stickynavcontainer bar appears.

  woodchip 18:20 17 Sep 2012

am thinking they have changed the resolution to fit to the new wide screen laptops as it is not like it on my HP Laptop. My desktop above is a 191ns Crt Monitor that is the only thing I can think that they have done. All other Web pages I visit on the Desktop are ok, its only PCA site I have the Problem, Text over icons also on the site. no matter how I change Monitor Resolution it makes no difference

  woodchip 18:22 17 Sep 2012

PS surely I should not need to Dump a Perfectly Good Crt Monitor just to check PCA site out

  KRONOS the First 18:37 17 Sep 2012


A 19in CRT no less.

Anyway this is what I see with PCA and it is the only site that is like this. The page for some reason is over to the left and as you can see I have a massive amount of empty space on two thirds of my 27in monitor. As I said i do not see this with any other site.

  woodchip 18:50 17 Sep 2012

Chronus That's what mine as done

  woodchip 18:57 17 Sep 2012

PS I have mailed Web Designer

  KRONOS the First 19:04 17 Sep 2012


I use IE and a couple of ad blocking programs and if this is the price I pay for not being annoyed by the intrusive advertising so beloved by PCA,so be it. But it is odd that no other site is affected so it must have something to do with PCA's site coding or whatever it is called.

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